On the occasion of our 50th anniversary conference, Itim International and The Hofstede Centre became one and have been rebranded as Hofstede Insights.

Our annual conference offered a range of workshops illustrating the wide range of solutions we provide to organisations.

“Do we have a deal?” – of course we have, or maybe not? When working with the Dutch, this clear and direct question may work well as outlined in the workshop on “negotiation with the Dutch”.

For India, the keywords are flexibility and patience, time is circular and decisions are not taken on the spot. Furthermore, Indian culture prohibits a “no”, explained the facilitator, culturally it is considered impolite to decline any kind of invitation. So how do you deal with this when doing business with India?

Managing change in an intercultural setting was another workshop topic. Motivate the Chinese to speak up in a Finish-Chinese corporation? How can a hierarchical culture like the Chinese move towards the rather flat organised Finish? In the workshop, participants looked at many different options to implement change resulting in a win-win solution for all parties.

The Japanese work culture of karoshi, long hours beyond exhaustion, is currently being addressed in Japan, a major change on individual, national and organisational level. In a lively exchange, the participants developed several change processes balancing the Japanese culture and the organisational needs. 

Diversity and Inclusion: Combining our organisational and national culture models George walked the audience through the process of implementing a culture of diversity and inclusion in an organisation.

Bart Somers, mayor of Mechelen and winner of the World Mayor Prize 2016 The conference closed with a world-leading example of well-managed diversity. In an interactive debate, Gert Jan Hofstede explored the reasons why Bart has been so successful in transforming his city of more than 130 nationalities into a proud, successful, tolerant and inclusive city. After sharing many experiences with the audience, Bart Somers concluded the conference on a similar note as it began, being a world citizen everywhere and embracing diversity is not optional, it is a necessity.

Would you like to know more about how to make your organisation even more successful? Would you like to know where your organisation stands with regards to change-readiness?

By Marc Jacobs, Christine Fornaroli & Tatjana von Bonkewitz, Hofstede Insights.

Publié le 04 octobre 2017