Sinéad O’Donnell (Director, DO Recruitment Advisors) tells us about building an effective recruitment team, about the qualities and competencies requested to join DO Recruitment Advisors and about employee retention.

What are the secrets to building an effective sourcing, assessment and recruitment team?

We don’t believe that there is any one particular secret when it comes to building a solid and effective team. It is all about having the right mix. We identify the strengths and positive attributes of each individual in the team and then focus on these qualities and do our best to develop them. We prefer to highlight the results of the office as a whole rather than individual performance and this fosters an atmosphere of teamwork. Open communication, flexibility, transparency and communication are key to what makes our office tick. We have always understood the importance of people, and pulling together different personalities from different cultures and different backgrounds. We do hire people from the HR sector, but we also like to recruit people directly from the business world.

What is key for every member of our team is that they are passionate about their job and have a natural affinity with people and an innate respect for others. It is our ethos at DO Recruitment Advisors to build from the respect within, a reflection of our own staff, our candidates and our clients – we are only going to be as good as the people we hire.


On the junior side, what qualities do you primarily look for when recruiting people to join your team?

Firstly, a solid academic background, as this shows that the individual is clever and has the tenacity, motivation and intelligence to do the job. We also particularly look for effective communicators, as our job is all about communication and transparency. Strong problem-solving skills and a creative mindset are excellent attributes – we like people who bring ideas to the table.  We look for candidates that have common sense, are courteous and positive, and that show respect for and really understand people. They must be driven and have the ability to grow and have the motivation to succeed and deliver; ultimately, anyone who joins our team has to fit in with our corporate values and ethos. 


Stability is essential - how do you ensure a good retention rate that is essential for both image and results?

Being a small company, we realise that there are going to be limitations to what we can offer in terms of career progression and being able to manage this is crucial. It is healthy to have ambition, and we always try to enable our staff to learn, develop, evolve, and grow, not only with us but also elsewhere in the wider marketplace. 

We give total independence and as much flexibility as possible to our team members, but we are always there to offer support when it is needed.

Let’s face facts, we are very fortunate to be working in an industry where we have real job satisfaction. What can be more satisfying than being the catalyst to giving a candidate something as life-changing as the challenge of a new job?  We know that members of our team are going to have different levels of career ambition, so it is all about managing that mix of individuals to create the winning balance. We always appreciate the mixture and by highlighting the best in everyone and encouraging each staff member to achieve their full potential, we find that we get stability, good results and a solid team.

We offer a stable work environment through our established processes and expertise. We find people to join us that are passionate about recruitment, and we then offer the tools and technology to do the job, a nice office environment, flexibility and a fabulous team and so the retention rate just takes care of itself.

Publié le 12 juillet 2018