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Sacred Heart University - Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2981 Luxembourg
T: +352 22 76 13 -1
F: +352 22 76 23


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Sacred Heart University Luxembourg is the European branch of the main University campus Fairfield, CT (U.S.A.). The SHU Jack Welch College of Business has been in Luxembourg since 1991 offering graduate level programs tailored to the needs of the working individual. 

MBA with a World-Class Accreditation in Europe. SHU programs facilitate a rich and stimulating learning experience.

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Alfred Steinherr
Alfred Steinherr
Antoine Rech
Antoine Rech
Anemone Thomas
Anemone Thomas
Alexandra Lewis
Alexandra Lexis
Charlène Schuessler
Charlene Schuessler
Roger Yerburg
Roger Yerburgh