The six global megatrends you must be prepared for

The six global megatrends you must be prepared for

Our world is changing. A study by Hay Group and Z_Punkt shows six long-lasting, fundamental shifts in the global business world are shaping our future and will be firmly established by 2030. Find out what they are, what they mean for your business and how they’ll affect your people strategy.


What are the megatrends?


The six key megatrends that companies must prepare for are:

- Globalization 2.0 – a new world order is emerging as economic power shifts to Asia

- Environmental crisis – leaders must embed sustainable cultures as critical natural resources run out

- Individualism – smart employers will design ways of working to suit individuals in order to retain talent

- Digitization - in a climate of transparency, leaders must display high standards of integrity and sincerity

- Demographic change - an aging population means a shrinking global workforce, chronic skills shortages and a fierce war for talent

- Technological convergence - the convergence of nano, bio, information and cognitive sciences will generate untold new product markets, and make others obsolete.


In our study, we took the concept of a megatrend from the model first introduced by John Naisbitt in his 1982 Megatrends. A megatrend isn’t a short term trend comparable with the trends seen in FMCG markets: it’s a long-term, transformational process with global reach, broad scope, and a dramatic impact.


How can leaders handle the megatrends?


Get an insight into how leaders should respond to the megatrends: watch the video now.


Leaders can find out more about in our book, Leadership 2030.


Find out more


To find out more about the megatrends, and how you can prepare for them, visit the microsite or contact Brian O’Neil (


Source: HayGroup


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