At Cubiks we recently carried out an international survey to find out about people's application experiences and their views on what works best in selection processes. 45% of candidates said they did not feel that the process gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the role. Furthermore, around a third of candidates found their recruitment processes unsatisfactory.

From our findings we’ve picked out ten top tips to help employers offer candidates a great selection process and ensure they leave with a positive impression.


1. Highlight how you’re different.

Demonstrate to candidates what you’ll do for their career by showcasing your development programmes – attract them with a future, not just a job.


2. Keep your promises.

Don’t just say things to get new hires, act on them.


3. Use the selection process to promote your employer brand, culture and values.

It will make you stand out and you’ll be more likely to attract the candidates you need and keep them.


4. Deploy robust online tests.

To sift applicants and spend the most time with the best candidates.


5. Demonstrate how rigorous your online tests are.

Make sure they are credible and candidates understand what is being assessed and why.


6. Enable candidates to prepare.

Provide practice tests and briefing material so they know what to expect when taking assessments.


7. Communication and transparency are crucial.

If you’re transparent you treat people as equals, put them at ease and enable them to perform at their best.


8. Respond in a timely manner at all stages to all candidates.

If this isn’t possible, use software to generate automated, yet personalised responses.


9. Provide value through feedback.

Give candidates a return for their time investment.


10. Learn where you can improve.

By asking your successful and rejected candidates for feedback. Don’t forget that the selection process is an extension of your organisation’s brand.


Source: Cubiks

Publié le 21 février 2017