On July 1st, at Etablissement Namur, inspiring HR leaders from Luxembourg will share their experiences and best practices on the topic “The ultimate hybrid environment to foster employee experience”. Participants will be able to attend on-site but also remotely.

Following a year full of upheavals – where companies and their HR leaders adapted and sometimes entirely reshaped their human resources strategy – a new era of work has arisen

Alongside the traditional HR operations, what are the new ways of working and tools to favor as part of a long-term HR strategy? Explore the latest insights to master the art of evolving in a hybrid environment: new pillars and advanced employees' experience.

Three main topics will be discussed:

1. Crisis communication management and digital team building

2. eLearning

3. Mental health and well-being

Several local and international speakers will take part in this event, sharing their best practices and discussing the most innovative tools and solutions. Among them:

-Romain Gossent, Chief Human Resources Officer of East-West United Bank (EWUB), Luxembourg-based boutique specialising in private and corporate banking. He joined EWUB in 2015 as a Deputy Head of Human Resources in charge of the recruitment, budget and strategy of the department. From the very beginning his professional career has been focused on HR, first at Société Générale Bank & Trust, followed by BNP Paribas Group in Luxembourg.

Romain Gossent will discuss crisis communication management and digital team building within East-West United Bank.

-Justine Esteve, Learning Consultant, 1to1PROGRESS and Alexandre Gaas, Executive Director, Brucher Thieltgen & Partners will discuss eLearning with a special focus on “Distance training in a hybrid environment, finding a balance for language learning”.

1to1PROGRESS, member of lifelong-learning.lu, supports companies and individuals in the design and implementation of their distance language training. After focusing on the French market, Justine Esteve’s scope of action is now Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Specialist in language learning, holder of a Phd in sociolinguistics, Justine worked as a teacher and school director in several countries and for various language institutes.

Brucher Thieltgen & Partners provides legal expertise and tailor-made solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. Chief Financial Officer and Management Committee Member of a specialized PSF backed to the large international law firm, Alexandre Gas has worked for over 20 years in the field of Finance, both in industrial, commercial and banking.

-Barbara Beros, Advisor to Director for HR Support and Social Services, European Parliament, will share her expertise on mental health and well-being. Barbara Beros will place particular emphasis on how the European Parliament focused its HR strategy on mental health campaigns during the Covid-crisis.

-Cyril de Bazelaire, Vice President, Human Ressources, NTT Luxembourg, will also address mental health and well-being. Cyril de Bazelaire will focus on how to combine performance and employees’ mental health and how employees’ well-being can be seen as a key performance drive. During the covid crisis, NTT Luxembourg, which provides IT services to companies, has set up a platform for its employees to facilitate their access to a mental health follow-up.

The HR One Breakfast will be held at Etablissement Namur (Luxembourg) and breakfast will be offered onsite. In parallel, online participants are also welcome and will have their breakfast box delivered.

More information and registration HERE.

Publié le 08 juin 2021