On 2 April 2021 in Lyon, 21 Business Science Institute doctoral students from Luxembourg, Germany, USA, Cameroon, France, Senegal, Mexico and Morocco were awarded the DBA from iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, after having been awarded the Executive DBA from Business Science Institute in September 2020.

After the successful completion of their Executive DBA programme and thesis defence, Business Science Institute Executive DBA doctoral students are awarded a dual qualification:

 - the Executive DBA from Business Science Institute (AMBA accredited)


 - the DBA from iaelyon School of Management – University Jean Moulin Lyon 3


In 2014, Business Science Institute and iaelyon School of Management – University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, established a partnership for the joint development of an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme. At the time, the former Director of iaelyon School of Management, Jérôme Rive commented: “The DBA is a programme whose format perfectly fulfils the expectations of experienced managers who wish to take a step back and reflect on their own experience while conceptualizing their skills and their knowledge. The traditional doctorate is poorly adapted to these experienced practitioners, and an MBA programme does not have the same objectives, nor is it at the same level. The Executive DBA offers a new option, and unparalleled opportunities to strengthen the fruitful connections between academic research and high-level managerial practice.”

Since 2014, 80 doctoral students have been awarded the 2 DBA degree qualifications from Business Science Institute and iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin Lyon 3.


The thesis subjects are truly diverse and embedded in the managerial experience of the doctor in Business administration. For example, Marcus worked on “What matters to investment professionals in decision making? The role of soft factors in stock selection“, Martin on “Proposal of a new service orientation maturity model: the case of information technology service providers of financial institutions in Luxembourg”, David on “Understanding the entrepreneurial potential of undergraduate students", Jens on “ESG in Private Equity and other alternative asset classes – what the industry has achieved so far”, Ulrike on “Intangible resources as the basis of value creation in the health sector. A quantitative analysis of the case of anti-microbial photodynamic therapy in dentistry”. Beyond this diversity, these Doctorate in Business Administration theses have all in common the managerial impact of their recommendations based on a strong reflection on concepts enabled by the close support of academic supervisors.


About IAE Lyon School of Management:

 - iaelyon School of Management - University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, is one of France’s leading centres for training and research in the field of management. Iaelyon provides over 7,200 undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education students high-level programmes of study and excellent teaching in the field of business administration and management.

 - iaelyon’s research activities and the knowledge generated by its faculty members guarantee high quality teaching, offering students learning outcomes that focus on real-world business needs.

 - iaelyon has also become a top choice for business organisations and their employees, developing continuing education degree programmes from undergraduate through to postgraduate level, all accessible via its recognition of prior (experiential) learning mechanism, as well as through its short course training portfolio.


Communicated by Business Science Institute Luxembourg

Publié le 20 avril 2021