Interview with Dr Jens Hoellermann, 2020 Executive DBA Luxembourgish alumni and winner of the « 2020 Managerial Impact Prize » awarded by Business Science Institute.

Why did you register for an Executive DBA programme?

The desire and passion to research my thesis topic comes from my professional background, as I have worked for leading alternative asset managers and established a relationship with many others. And I have addressed my topic already during my final Master of Business Administration thesis for the European Investment Bank in 2013, but I always wanted to analyze it even in more depth, and the DBA provided the unique chance. Even if the topic will develop further in the next years, I was able to reach a kind of conclusion.


Why choose Business Science Institute?

I already tinkered with the idea of doing a PhD or DBA and even was approached by two institutions, but they only provided their program either online or my professor would have been so far away that a personal interaction would only have been possible via video tools. The Business Science Institute offered the only possibility of in-classroom seminars, and my supervisor is Luxembourgish, which enabled me to see him as often as necessary.


What was your thesis subject?

My thesis about “ESG in Private Equity and other alternative asset classes: What the industry has accomplished so far regarding Environmental, Social and Governance matters” addresses a very power and meaningful industry linked to the societal challenge of sustainability and responsibility that has drawn considerable attention by the entire society including businesses. My research was about what alternative asset managers say and what they really do, what they have in fact implemented, and what differences between the actors do exist.


Who decided the subject of your thesis?

From the beginning I was keen to research the topic I finally did, but as I was not sure if my supervisor would really like it, I presented three potential topics to him. But it took him just a second to suggest going with my preferred topic. He agreed that sustainability and responsibility have earned a voice, but it would be of great interest to find out if the alternative industry is really considering Environmental, Social and Governance matters and to what extent.


Personally, what has been the added value of the DBA?

I believe in life-long learning and always thought about what could be next. Therefore, a doctoral thesis was for me the next logic step. But I had to note that such a thesis is still a different academic level even compared to an MBA thesis. It was very interesting to approach things differently and from another perspective. I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained through discussions and seminars be it with other students and professors.


What is the impact of your DBA?

As I own and manage my own company and since a doctoral degree is barely used in the alternative industry, especially in the UK and the US where most of my clients are located, the personal or professional impact is limited. My clients of course value that I have researched the alternative asset industry and that I have gained expertise in a field that is and even becomes more important for them. I am now able to provide advice to my clients based on my findings and the experience I have gained.


Communicated by Business Science Institute


About Dr Jens Hoellermann

Jens Hoellermann is managing partner of Intabulis SCSp (Luxembourg), a provider of independent directorships. He has more than 13 years of experience in alternative asset management including fund administration and fund management and more than 13 years of experience as a lawyer in mergers and acquisitions. Jens experience of the industry covers several elements, such as legal, corporate governance, implementing fund management, and devising investment holding structures, transaction structuring and portfolio and risk management regarding private equity, venture and growth capital, real estate, credit, mezzanine, secondaries, and infrastructure. 

In September 2020, Jens Hoellermann completed his Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) on the topic "ESG in Private Equity and other alternative asset classes: What the industry has accomplished so far regarding Environmental, Social and Governance matters” under the supervision of Professor André Reuter, DTMD University for Digital Technologies, European Institute for Knowledge and Value Management. Jens Hoellermann was part of the first German Luxembourg cohort.

Jens Hoellermann was awarded the « 2020 Managerial Impact Prize » by Business Science Institute.

Publié le 17 mai 2021