By Bram Huyghe, Strategy Leader Employer, Social Seeder

Engaged employees have a high level of commitment to their work. They are more productive, perform better, remain in an organization longer, and help an organization thrive. That's why employee engagement is vital for business success. 

One way to foster engagement in the workplace is by helping employees form strong connections with each other. The difference between a disengaged or highly engaged employee may lie in the number of great relationships they have at work.

As a part of an employee advocacy or an employee engagement strategy, Social Seeder recommend organizing frequent activities where people can shape meaningful connections. The goal is to build a community of engaged employees that will be better company brand ambassadors.

When we look at how communities are built, we distinguish two kinds of activities that form communities: rituals and shared experience.

Help team members bond with purposeful rituals

Rituals are activities that occur regularly, such as daily or weekly. They resemble habits. Whereas habits are individual, rituals belong to a group of people, like a team or a department. All organizations have team rituals — from Pizza Fridays to ways to make new employees feel welcome.

Team rituals help create a sense of belonging and bring people together. Meaningful rituals, where a group works towards a shared purpose, help strengthen bonds even more. That's why team brainstorming sessions are so powerful. It can promote creative thinking and boost group morale because employees work toward a common goal in a supportive setting.

Brainstorming sessions as a powerful bonding ritual

Social Seeder recommend trying regularly scheduling the following brainstorming sessions that have a common purpose: 

 For sales teams: sit together monthly to discuss hot industry topics to attain insight into (and develop) good social selling content.

 For HR teams: meet regularly to discuss the different aspects of your company culture and discuss how you can shape it.

 For marketing teams: join forces every few weeks to review possible company stories together that could provide valuable content for social media.


Publié le 19 mai 2021