Rita Schroeder, Head of HR, Luxembourg Air Rescue, tells us more about her company's recruitment challenges and how she is currently collaborating with innovative startup skeeled. Moreover, we discussed Luxembourg Air Rescue's "employer brand" strategy and its evolution in the months to come.

How was the Luxembourg Air Rescue-skeeled collaboration born?

Rita Schroeder: We decided to start working with skeeled because we were looking to digitalize and improve our recruitment process. It was time for us to evolve and be able to centralize all CVs in a single platform, easing up the work for our recruiters and provide the best possible candidate experience to our candidates. We were also aiming at driving a fully GDPR compliant recruitment process and we needed a trusted partner to help us with that. After some research on the market, skeeled presented itself as the best recruitment software solution. They proved that they could not only cover all our needs, but also provide us with important extra features that are helping us to attract the best candidates.


Recruiting at Luxembourg Air Rescue is a challenge and requires special skills given the activities of the company. What were the needs and objectives of Luxembourg Air Rescue in terms of recruitment? What about the contribution of digitalization?

RT: We recruit very specialized and technical profiles, as such we needed to explore new recruitment channels and make ourselves more appealing to the best talents. So, I would say that attracting better candidates and improving the quality of hire is certainly one of our main recruitment goals. By digitalizing our entire recruitment process, we are now able to reach more potential candidates and provide them with a better application experience, which helps us securing the top talent on our funnel until the end of the process.


What were the major necessary adaptations for skeeled to meet the needs of Luxembourg Air Rescue?

RT: Actually, no major adaptation was necessary because skeeled provides all the features we needed to set a more streamlined and efficient workflow. From creating and posting jobs, to assessing and contacting candidates, skeeled makes our life much easier. It’s pretty straightforward. A few clicks here and there and we’re good to go. And we already see significant improvements on our performance, such as being able to provide follow up to all the candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. And, of course, we are making the most out of the assessment tools such as the personality test and the video interview. We now have so much more insights on the candidates, we have an overview of how they will behave and if they will succeed on the job and we have their answers to the same set of screening questions. This makes it easier to decide who moves on to the next stage, because we count on reliable data to support us instead of just intuition. There is a Facebook campaign on the page of Luxembourg Air Rescue since November 2018: #proudtoworkforlar.


Can you tell us more about your "employer brand" strategy and other initiatives?

RT: Our employer branding strategy encompasses different actions and the #proudtoworkforlar campaign on Facebook and also on LinkedIn is one of them. It consists in sharing a series of videos where our employees present themselves and talk about working for Luxembourg Air Rescue. Our aim is to give our employees a voice and allow them to share their experience with our audience. Until now, it has been a very successful campaign, with good engagement rates and we believe that sharing our employees vision on the company is a great way of attracting new talents.


In a digital world and with the arrival of new generations to the job market, the candidate and employee experience makes total sense. How is it developed at Lux Air Rescue? How will this trend evolve in the months / years to come? How to keep up with it?

RT: Candidate experience is a major concern for LAR and that’s one of the reasons we felt the urge to digitalize and modernize our recruitment process. Using skeeled allows us to communicate and engage all candidates more efficiently, making sure that no one is left out. We have been asking the candidates that come to the company for in-person interviews how they feel about the process and so far the feedback is extremely positive, which shows us that we are in the right direction and our decision to work with skeeled was the right one.

Mike Reiffers: The reality of today’s job market is very different from what companies were used to. Today’s market is candidate-centric. Candidates are empowered to demand transparency and better engagement from companies, and are not afraid to reject a job offer if they feel that a company doesn’t treat candidates, and consequently employees, considerately. As for today’s companies, they need to sell themselves as employers and their vacancies have to be marketed to candidates as any other product. That’s why candidate experience and employer branding are so important today. Making it easy for a candidate to apply for a job on multiple devices and providing follow up at every stage of the recruitment cycle are just some of the strategies that companies need to adopt for the upcoming years. As to the employer branding, people are what makes a company successful. The best way to retain current employees and keep attracting new talent is developing a great company culture and promoting it in the right channels.

Publié le 11 janvier 2019