How programmatic ad can influences candidates to choose your company ?

Scrolling our Facebook feed while taking our coffee break, reading the latest news on our favorite media, listening to Spotify while we are traveling on the subway ... From dawn to dusk, our life is punctuated by our digital interactions.. With the programmatic approach all your Sourcing and your Employer Brand can be displayed on every relevant online media. By exploiting the whole internet, you can now reach all the candidates’ profiles that match the best with your need anytime and everywhere. Thanks to a very new and innovative way of communication, you can create a strong candidate experience. By creating interactions with your brand through targeted HR ad, you are able to develop a relationship even before a candidate decides to apply for a job in your company. Targeting candidates thanks to GDPR compliant datas (professional interest, behavior) allows companies to address the right candidates at the right time. Programmatic recruiting technologies identify and engage people with the job profile that matches the best with you job offer. During our Keynote, we will explain you how to create this relationship with your target candidates through the HR programmatic to influences their choice.  


Communicated by Golden Bees

Publié le 19 novembre 2019