Turning their entire workforce into recruiters allows companies to find and hire top talent faster and in a cheaper way, reducing the recruiter’s workload and expediting the recruitment process. Hence, asking your current employees if they know someone good for a role should be the first step of your recruiting process.

Current employees have a deep understanding of your workplace practices and the company’s day-to-day demands, which makes them better equipped with operational insight than many of the recruiters in your HR department. Thus, referred candidates are usually aware of such requirements while candidates sourced through your career page or job boards often don’t.


Leveraging Employee Referrals

Referral programs are a structured and organised way of requesting and receiving employee referrals. Having a clear and well-designed program in place allows team members to recommend potentially suitable candidates with a greater sense of responsibility and commitment, which can be harder to ensure when referrals are made in a more casual way. Thus, having a proper referral system with a clear flow and attractive incentives is essential to motivate your employees to refer high-quality candidates.




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Publié le 04 novembre 2020