As the economy continues to grow and unemployment remains low in developed countries, recruitment has become harder than ever. This year, 70 percent of respondents to the Global Human Capital Trends survey cited recruitment as an important issue, and 16 percent told us it was one of the three most urgent issues their organization would face in 2019. The accelerating adoption of automation is creating intense demand for technical skills that do not widely exist in today’s workforce. These challenges make finding qualified talent particularly difficult.

In this talent-constrained environment, we see three main sources of capabilities that can be leveraged more strategically. While each of these tactics may seem obvious on the surface, none of them have been utilized to their fullest potential to date, making them some of the most promising ways for organizations to attract needed talent.

- Internal Mobility: organizations should look much more strategically at moving current employees into available opportunities across the enterprise

- The Alternative Workforce: people who work in gig arrangements, like contractors, contingent workers, or in other nontraditional arrangements can be used to flex the workforce to meet business requirement

- New Technology: by leveraging new technology and using data to find, source, and select candidates more efficiently, organizations can capitalize on one of the recruiting function’s biggest opportunities


Beyond the obvious effect of sourcing on productivity and business performance, there is a social aspect that cannot be forgotten. Just as new approaches enable organizations to find talent more efficiently and effectively, they are also enabling organizations to expand their view of talent. In the social enterprise, organizations that broaden the lens through which they view capabilities can, not only provide opportunities to individuals whom a more conventional approach may have missed, but also change their talent brand in the process.

The war for talent is raging more ferociously than ever. To win requires more than execution; it demands reinvention—not just of the talent acquisition process, but also of the talent acquisition mindset. To do this, organizations should rethink how to access existing internal talent, reset traditional expectations on where talent can be found and what it looks like, and rewire the recruiting process by taking advantage of advanced technologies like AI. The talent is out there if you know how to look.

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Publié le 24 juin 2019