After his presentation at Recruiters's Day on February 8, we met with James Grant, CEO of Weavee, to discuss his start-up and his views on combining AI with HR to help businesses strengthen their teams with diversity.

How did you come up with the idea of Weavee?

I started Weavee in late 2015 after experiencing first-hand the problems in talent attraction and management as an employee. Typical recruitment processes are highly disjointed and the inefficient steps create problems for both the candidate and recruiter. In order to remove the pain of allocating talent correctly, I worked with the Weavee team to build a tool able to automatically identify the right talent, provide advice to managers on the gaps in their team's cognitive profile and predict the cultural effects of hiring different types of people.


What are the main benefits of using AI when it comes to recruitment?

AI has huge potential to replace the selection of talent using scientific methods. The problem with the approach is the lack of previous historical credible research: the psychometrics industry has not been disrupted for 70 years and the average person typically sees the data of personality and cognitive profiling as "wooly". Once this barrier is overcome, the artificial intelligence market for HR Technology will grow incredibly fast.


How can it foster diversity in the recruitment process?

Cognitive diversity will become the key enabler of business performance. Maintaining and motivating people of diverse mindsets will become a key challenge, tools which accurately measure teams and the people present will become more and more accessible to the general HR population. The natural progression will be situational diversity and client match diversity, i.e. in a sales team, which cognitive profile will be most capable of making a sale to this specific customer type?


What are the next steps for Weavee?

Weavee focuses squarely on commercialization through credibility. We are working hard to obtain EU H2020 funded status in addition to conducting additional psychometric research on the Big Five methodology with City University. The general target is to achieve British Psychological Standard accreditation in addition to the growth of our client pool, which benefits from Weavee's People Analytics.


What are Weavee’s ambitions for the Luxembourgish market?

Visiting Luxembourg was an opportunity for partnership and collaboration. I see it as a potential opportunity to help nurture talent across Europe using the technology to assist in people's day-to-day lives. Of course, it also gave me an opportunity to understand how the smaller Luxembourg community operates and sees itself in the future.


Photo : Dominique Gaul

Publié le 14 mars 2018