As the summer vacation season kicks into high gear, a new Korn Ferry survey shows professionals are more ready than ever to take time off.

The vast majority (82%) say they will appreciate their vacation more post-pandemic lockdowns than in years past. More than three-quarters (79%) say they will use more vacation days in 2021, and nearly half (46%) say they’ll take a longer vacation this year.

“These past 18 months have been among the most stressful periods in recent history. We all feel the need to take a break and recharge,” said Kevin Cashman, Korn Ferry global co-leader of CEO and Enterprise Leader Development, and author of The Pause Principle – Step Back to Lean Forward. “Employees who pause during vacations return with a renewed sense of energy and purpose, which enhances their productivity and drive.”

Time away from work can actually have a positive impact on professionals’ jobs, as 80 percent say they have had a breakthrough work idea come to them while relaxing on vacation.

While 82% say they will check in with the office less during this year’s vacation, that doesn’t mean they will unplug completely. Nearly a fifth (19%) say they will check in multiple times a day and 42%say they’ll check in once a day. Only 13% say they will never check in.

“To truly experience the benefits of time away, it’s critical to focus on friends, family, relaxation and rejuvenation. Take the time to re-connect with others instead of continually connecting to work,” said Cashman.

One third (33%) of those who check in with the office say they do so because there is too much work to get done. Nearly half (44%) say they get pulled into critical issues and need to put out fires, and 19% say they work on holiday because they just enjoy it.

More than half (56%) say they have cancelled or cut short vacation plans due to work pressures, and 42% say they have had disagreements with their spouse/significant other about being too connected to work during vacation.

“Taking the time to transform all aspects of our lives is critical to sustained happiness and well-being,” said Cashman.

About the Survey

The Korn Ferry survey of 620 professionals took place in June 2021.

Survey Results

Will you appreciate your vacation more post pandemic than in years past?

Yes 82%

No 18%

Have you ever had a work breakthrough idea that has come to you while relaxing on vacation?

Yes 80%

No 20%

Post-pandemic, do you think you’ll check in with work more or less during vacation than in years past?

More 18%

Less 82%

While on vacation, how often do you connect to work?

Multiple times a day 19%                             

Once a day 42%

A few times per week 21%                                                         

Once a week 5%                                                                                                          

Never 13%                                                                                      

Would you rather have a salary increase or more vacation days?

Salary increase 61%                                                                     

More vacation days 39%                                                               

Have you ever had a disagreement with your spouse/significant other about being too connected to work while on vacation?

Yes 42%                                                                                                                     

No 58%                                                                                          

If you work while on vacation what is the primary reason for doing so?

Too much work to do/Increased workload upon return 33%        

Putting out Fires: I get pulled into critical issues 44%                  

Worried my boss will think I’m a slacker if I don’t 5%                    

I enjoy it 18%                                                                                 

Have you cancelled/delayed/cut short personal vacation plans due to occupational demands/pressure to perform at work?

Yes 56%                                                                                       

No 44%                                                                                         

Do you plan to use more or fewer vacation days in 2021 than in years past?

More 79%                                                                                      

Fewer 21%                                                                                      

Do you plan on taking a longer vacation this year than in years past?

Yes 46%                                                                                         

No 54%                                                                                         

Press release by Korn Ferry

Publié le 12 juillet 2021