There is no better time for organizations to get clear answers to the questions of talent management: What talent do we have? What talent do we need? How do we fill the gaps? We need the right leaders to navigate our organizations, societies and countries back to recovery and beyond.

Korn Ferry leads you three steps for this sales guide with slides, a report, and a webinar.


Understanding the talent you need

Leaders must either self-disrupt or be disrupted. If your leaders are more comfortable reinforcing the status quo, then you need to take a fresh look at what is required for success. The research-based, predictive Success Profiles identify the vital leadership attributed needed for success. Korn Ferry’s Talent Hub holds Success Profiles for thousands of roles including profiles for a self-disruptive leader or a crisis leader. Customized profiles for specific roles or levels, aligned to your strategy and organizational culture can be developed.


Understanding the talent you have

Seeing your leaders behave on the battlefield may have yielded some surprises and disappointments. It is the time to re-assess them using updated criteria, through formal assessments and talent discussions. Recent research by the Korn Ferry Institute proves that their virtual assessments and simulations deliver comparable participant experience, predictive power, and developmental value for individuals and their organizations as face-to-face equivalents.


Developing talent for disruptive times

Developing potential is all about preparing people for the unknown. Organizations need talent and leaders who are learning agile, who know what they do when they do not know what to do. Korn Ferry develops high potentials and leaders at every level to develop these capabilities, by offering personalized coaching – virtually- on assessment results and development actions; and off-the-shelf and tailored virtual learning experiences that are engaging for participants and effective at driving behaviour change.


Recruiting the right top talent

Acquiring top talent is as important as ever, as companies need every competitive edge they can get to navigate the storm and prepare them for success in the post-break era. So reducing their recruitment activity now is not the solution. Korn Ferry can identify and attract these unique leaders, assess for ideal organizational fit, and build appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention.


Volume recruiting cost effectively

While most organizations have taken a significant hit in revenue as a result of this crisis, industries on the front line (e.g., healthcare, delivery services, telecommunications, grocers) are having to recruit huge numbers of employees at speed to cope with demand. The fully integrated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) technology solution, Nimble, uses artificial intelligence and best-in-class Korn Ferry IP to make high-volume hiring a productive, positive, and prompt experience for everyone involved. This end-to-end solution will enable you to source, attract, assess, select, and onboard the right people for the job.


Preparing for the rebound

When the crisis will end, you will need the right people in the right place at the right time to hit the ground running. It might mean refreshing your definition of talent, especially if the crisis has exposed capability gaps or accelerated your digital transformation. Your organization will need more salespeople to support growth after the decline can help you start developing your employer value proposition messaging and building talent pools early.


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Publié le 29 avril 2020