The coronavirus may be the most challenging crisis today’s leaders will face in their lifetimes. Unlike past crises, where CEOs could make reasonable judgements based on economics and market behaviors, the coronavirus presents and entirely different type of risk and level of uncertainty. As importantly as making high quality strategic decisions – leaders also need to communicate and respond to everyone touched by the organization in a thoughtful, empathic, transparent and positive way. They need to be more agile and forward thinking to prepare for the inevitable market recovery.

Korn Ferry leads you through three steps for this leadership guide with slides, a report, and a webinar.


Leadership development in a crisis

More than ever, organisation’s need ‘self-disruptive’ enterprise leaders who can think across the organization, beyond their individual purview and quickly ADAPT: anticipate, drive, accelerate, partner and trust. Leaders will need to rethink their personal leadership style, how they lead the organization and how they make decisions in the crisis. And even the most experienced leaders will need support to manage their emotions and keep perspective.


Emergency succession planning

The global uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a unique impact on executive session plans. Burnout and panic are a very real possibility and some less tenured leaders have not yet been tested in a crisis until now. There are also exemplary leaders emerging from this crisis as key enterprise leaders who inspire confidence and give clarity. And there are roles that have taken on new visibility and meaning.

Identifying and deploying the best successors for your most critical leadership roles may mean thinking very differently about what and who is essential. The cost of poor leadership is untenable, and trusting only your instincts heightens risk. Korn Ferry provides objectivity and experience to help you make the best talent decisions in this time of uncertainty.


Supporting top teams

Crises like COVID-19 remind us that survival hinges on high levels of collaboration and alignment. For leaders at the helm of their organizations, a top priority is having a high-performing team that can serve as a beacon of inspiration, direction, and motivation. Working with leaders and their teams, we see that high performance invariably starts with a razor-sharp purpose, team members who are in sync, fully enabled, and empowered; and processes, tools, and norms that drive fast and effective decisions that infuse the whole organization. Korn Ferry works with top leaders to define their team’s purpose and to mobilize their team around that purpose. Using fast-cycle feedback, self-reflection, and experimentation, we enable leaders and their team to make stepwise changes that yield quick wins in turbulent times, as well as sustainable resilience to future crises.


Recruiting the right top talent

Some companies default to reducing their recruitment activity during a crisis. But the reality is that acquiring top talent is as – if not more – important than ever, as companies need every competitive edge they can get to navigate the storm and prepare them for success in the post-outbreak era. We can identify and attract these unique leaders, assess for ideal organizational fit, and build appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention.


Building inclusive leaders

As the coronavirus pandemic expands all around us, stress, uncertainty, and fear is palpably present everywhere. At a time when we need to be close together we are hunkering down in our homes apart. And this doesn’t just have a personal impact. Now, more than ever, organizations need innovative thinking and ideas-sharing across the business. Inclusive leaders can create a safe space, regardless of what is happening externally, where people can feel accepted and empowered to give the best of their talents.

By drawing on our researched and validated profile of an inclusive leader, we can help leaders understand what it means to be inclusive and what they can do now to bring their teams together in this crisis. We also run virtual learning programs on managing and leading inclusively that help leaders close their capability gaps this area.


The related webinar is now available online here.

In this webinar, Mike Distefano, Korn Ferry’s President for Asia Pacific, discuss what organisations need to do now in the areas of:

   - Leadership – why leaders are the cornerstone of crisis and recovery management.

   - Employee Engagement – from emergency response to future resilience.

   - Culture – how to build resilience into your culture in anticipation of the next crisis.

   - Rewards & Performance Management – short and long-term adjustments.

   - Recruitment – how a state of crisis can offer opportunities for forward-thinkers.


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Publié le 21 avril 2020