Marco Houwen is proud to announce the launch of, a personal leadership  community for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and free spirits to re-connect their energy with  a sustainable mindset for themselves and their organisations. fosters  authentic creation on the basis of who we really are, rather than one’s external conditioning.

As part of this new movement, two initiatives were founded: ZentraTable, a trusted  circle where vetted entrepreneurs, experienced leaders and free spirits exchange  unparalleled insights needed to live the life they desire; and ZentraAdventure, a 3-day  retreat to explore self-awareness and personally experience the Eternal Art of Being, as a  guiding map for one’s own growth.

The root of this community is based on Houwen’s longstanding experience in raising capital,  leading companies and driving sustainable inner growth. He explained, “After 20 years  evolving in the corporate world, I realised that what I wanted to be in life was out of sync with  what I was actually doing. And many entrepreneurs feel the same way, disconnected from  the energy that personally drives them. I have asked many business leaders and corporate  CEOs about their struggles and started to recognise consistent patterns. Zentrapreneur is not  only a way for leaders to access the energy and insights for personal leadership, it also  provides the tools useful for developing a deep trust in one’s self. It is a platform for leaders  seeking to connect their being with their innate capability for authentic creation, be it in a  product, a company and most importantly, their mission in life”.

Both ZentraTable and ZentraAdventure aim to raise self-awareness and focus on helping entrepreneurs walking their conscious journey, so they can personally transform how they lead themselves and others on a daily basis.

“We are suffering from a scarcity of sustainable personal leadership across all areas of society right now,” said Houwen. He continues: “What’s missing is the kind of authentic leadership based on self-awareness and clarity of who we are. It truly has to be a continually accessed  and experienced state, and not just something we read about in books.” 

Press release by Zentrapreneur

Publié le 08 octobre 2021