With every organisation effectively operating in uncharted waters, this year of two halves will push leaders and employees to adapt to a ‘new normal’.

More open and authentic leadership styles can go a long way to reassure employees and avoid panic. So too can a renewed focus on employee engagement, and shifting organisational culture to ensure both people and systems are prepared for future risks and opportunities.

Organisations may also need to look at performance management and rewards holistically to retain their top employees. While the urge to react quickly might be strong, short-term decisions could lead to negative outcomes once the market recovers.

Instead, we advise leaders to adopt a ‘growth mindset’, especially if this time of slower productivity gives you space to really consider opportunities you might have otherwise missed. That could include new ways of working or going to market, or upskilling your people.

Organisations that are likely to have an advantage post-outbreak are focusing on clear and transparent communications. Providing tools and ways to collaborate when people are working remotely will help them feel connected, supported and keep them engaged.

While leaders and organisations face ongoing uncertainty amidst the pressure to deal with the ongoing crisis, they also have an opportunity to plan ahead and, put the structures in place now that will see them through whatever the next phase will bring.


You can see the webinar here. In this webinar, Mike Distefano, discuss with Korn Ferry’s experts what organisations need to do in the areas of:

   - Leadership,

   - Employee Engagement,

   - Culture,

   - Rewards and performance management,

   - Recruitment.


Download the Leader’s Playbook here.

Communicated by Korn Ferry

Publié le 13 mai 2020