Following the recent Government’s measures to contain the spread of the covid-19, a specific form has been drawn up this Saturday to enable parent employees to look after their children under 13 years old to let them benefit from leave for family reasons.

With a last announcement of 81 infection case in Luxembourg, all precautions are taken by the Luxembourg Government to contain the spread of the virus. After the closure of all schools in the country, a specific form has been drawn up, so parents will be able to benefit from leave for family reasonsto take care of their child under 13 years old.

Process to be able to take leave for family reasons

1-   The parent must inform his/her employer as quickly as possible, either verbally or in writing

2-   The parent must then fill in the specific form, sign it, and send it to both the National Health Fund (Caisse Nationale de Santé) and his/her employer.

Parents may alternate taking leave for family reasons. If so, each parent must send in a separate form. Indeed, cannot take the leave at the same time.

For more answers about the frequently asked questions about leave for family reasons, visit the website.

Publié le 16 mars 2020