On November 26th, 2019, HR One will organize the first edition of its brand new summit entitled "Human Capital Europe". Local and international experts will gather at the ECCL to discuss the latest HR and mobility trends.

The day will begin with a "convergence" keynote speech by Simon Bernard (CEO & Co-founder at Plastic Odyssey Expedition) who will present his project of a ship turning pollution into new solutions.

The organizers will then welcome William Lepedel (Founder of BlueRep), Abdu Gnaba (Ph.D. Social-Anthropologist Market Researcher and Director of Sociolab) and Patrick Burensteinas (Author and speaker) for a round table discussion around the topic "How to lead in a moving world".

Tom Oswald (General Coordinator at Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy) will also take the stage during the morning session.

After the lunchbreak, Sylvain Cottong (Co-founder of The HOW Institute) will share his knowledge and tell the audience why scalable learning now replacing scalable efficiency.

David Bernard (CEO & Data Shaman at AssessFirst) will then focus on "Hiring & AI" and notably on how psychometry and the science of dating (applied to the office) can help foster Performance and Diversity in the Workplace, using 100% non-biased AI.

The Global Senior Team Lead - Technology Talent Acquisition at Zalando SE, Manjuri Sinha will then share her best practices for the first time in Luxembourg. She will also take part in a round table discussion entitled "How can HR adapt to new societal challenges", moderated by Dr. Jakob Mainert (Cognitive Scientist, author about human intelligence).

"How programmatic ad can influence candidates to choose your company?" will be the name of the presentation given by Daniel Morais (VP of Sales at Golden Bees).

Suus Klinkhamer (HR Business Partner at LUSH) will give a keynote speech on the topic of "Benefits & Rewards".


Through the day, two Pitch Your Startup sessions will be organized and will focus on "HumanTech" and "SmartMobility". Finally, the event will end with the HR One Gala and its traditional Luxembourg HR Awards, recognizing the most innovative solutions and best practices of the year.


More information and registration: www.humancapitaleurope.com

Publié le 30 octobre 2019