What if your employees used your internal applications and software better? This is the challenge that Lemon Learning helps many organizations in France and abroad meet through interactive guides that are directly integrated into the software of their choice (CRM, HRMS, ERP, internal tools). 

Leader in software adoption in France and specialist in digital training, Lemon Learning has one motto: Learning By Doing. With Lemon Learning, your employees benefit from step-by-step, personalized and continuously available support.

In a context of constant technological breakthroughs, ​the digital transformation of organizations, and with it, the digitalization of employee practices, have become essential levers for their performance​. This is why since its creation in 2014, Lemon Learning aims at empowering all employees to become fully-fledged players in this revolution. Our offer and technology are designed with this in mind: simple to deploy, industrial, secure and made to be adopted by the entire organization.

Lemon Learning offers a wide range of features to accelerate software adoption. Create customized content (guides, tooltips, etc.) quickly and easily from the editor: ​no technical knowledge is required​. Manage your users directly from the back office to communicate ​the right information, at the right time, to the right person (access settings, pushes, etc). Lemon Learning even goes the extra mile as you can make your content accessible to your employees around the world thanks to industrialized translation. Finally, ​optimize the user experience with the simple ergonomics ​of Lemon Learning and its player.

Centered on end-users, the Lemon Learning solution allows a better memory anchoring thanks to an easy and playful handling of the contents. Beyond training, Lemon Learning meets organizations' need for speed and adaptation to large scale rollouts by offering a ​three-in-one tool​: train your employees (​player​), create engaging and interactive content (​editor​) and manage support and communication around your IT projects (​back office​). In a nutshell: Lemon Learning supports you through all the steps of software adoption, right in the tools and software you use on a daily basis.


These are just a preview of what we are capable of. Did it arouse your curiosity though?

Lemon Learning has been participating in HR fairs for 4 years and is attending HR Factory this year. ​Come and meet us at booth A1 for a live demo of our solution and don't miss out on our intervention at ​9:50 am in the Conference Room.


Provided by Lemon Learning

Publié le 11 juin 2019