MLC Advisory is very pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic partnership with Morneau Sheppell, the leading total well-being solution that combines employee assistance, wellness, recognition and incentive programs.

The Founder and CEO of MLC Advisory, Michel Moutier, explains the reasons for this partnership:

“Among others, it will enable us to propose to our clients in Luxembourg Employee Assistance Program solutions (EAP) to help employees get on the path leading to more health and well-being. Morneau Sheppell’s EAP solutions offer assistance on topics such as mental health, health and fitness coaching, nutrition support, or cultural and emotional challenges faced by expatriates.

With our two strategic partnerships, with Morneau Sheppell and Pulso Europe, we will be in a position to propose to our clients a complete range of approaches, tools and systems to create exceptional work conditions to foster people engagement and attract and retain the best talents.”

If you are interested in proposing EAPs in your company, please contact MLC Advisory directly if you wish to obtain more information:


Press release by MLC Advisory

Publié le 04 février 2019