Have you ever experienced a deal going wrong and not understood why? Have you felt a buyer was being unfair or rude? Have you been confused about why negotiating was taking so long, or have you perhaps felt rushed?

You’ve taken all the courses, you understand how to develop business and how to close deals, but somehow, things are different once you’re dealing with people from countries other than your own. The approach and style that made you very successful in your own country doesn’t seem to work that well anymore.

At any of these points, have you thought about how culture might be affecting the challenges you face? Very likely, the reason is to be found in the cultural differences between your home country and the countries you are dealing with. In a world where business is becoming ever more global, the development of intercultural competence has become strategically vital.

During our careers in international business, we have learned to appreciate the importance of culture in our interactions with our customers which is what ultimately led both of us to join Hofstede Insights. Our book is built on Geert Hofstede’s world-renowned 6D model of national cultures and Huib Wursten’s concept of Culture Clusters. We aim to provide you with a practical system based on a limited number of easily understandable mindsets that help you to negotiate successfully anywhere in the world. You will learn which mindset is most prevalent in which country and how to adapt your approach to it.

Very few books have been written in an easy ‘how to’ format. We aim to fill that void by combining a solid academic framework with many years of experience in the field. You can use it in two different ways. If you use it as a manual to find out how to best conduct a negotiation in a specific situation, simply choose the country of interest and read the corresponding chapter. If you would like to become truly competent, understand the finer nuances and have much of this knowledge at your fingertips, we recommend you read the whole book, so you understand the academic underpinning of our system.


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"An invaluable guide to anybody involved in international negotiations in business or any other field.  Although supply chains and communications may have globalized, stubborn cultural differences between people remain.  The authors have extensive experience and some illuminating anecdotes, but, importantly, they have filtered their experience through established research into cultural differences, and consequently their guidance is reliable and transferrable.  Adapting to local styles of doing business is often the difference between success and failure – this book gives the reader a valuable advantage" Professor David Arnold, London Business School (UK), China Europe International Business School (China).


Book written by Jean-Pierre Coene & Marc Jacobs and available on Amazon.

Publié le 03 novembre 2017