By Cristina Jardón, Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing Consultant, Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher.

Organizations live today immersed in a VUCA environment: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The level of information and degree of change that we encounter daily at work is not going to diminish. Working more, faster and harder isn’t sustainable. It means something has to change on a personal level. We can face challenges reactively, or we can face them in a balanced way using our executive functions on the brain.

This new VUCA environment requires new skills to be trained for success. It´s time for Emotional Intelligence development at work.

What is Emotional Intelligence and why does it matter?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize your own and other people’s emotions and use this information to guide wise thinking and behavior. And because it´s an ability, it can be trained.

Workplace studies show that emotional competencies predict performance, leadership effectiveness, and well-being.

There is no doubt, we need to train inner strengths and resources to cope with uncertainty and complexity that Organizations face today.

Here is where Search Inside Yourself Program comes in.


What is Search Inside Yourself?

Search Inside Yourself -SIY- is a Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Program which uses innovative and effective tools creating mental habits leading to better productivity and well-being.

Through SIY we teach skills that help people see more clearly, effectively and non-reactively. While these skills translate seamlessly into personal life, our focus is on the workplace and helping people prioritize to navigate different challenges and demands. SIY curriculum is rooted firmly in the latest scientific research and available to individuals or entire organizations.  

The outcome from Search Inside Yourself Program is emotional intelligence, that provides a foundation for how to show up as a leader, to be productive and collaborative with others.

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007. In 2012, a separate not-profit Organization called the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), was established to meet demand for the program from outside organizations. At Google 40.000 people has participated in the program.

Today SIY has been developed in 30 countries and 100 cities helping thousands of employees to achieve better results and well-being at work. More than 100 organizations across many countries and industries, from technology, energy, and banking to non-profit, biotech and medical, to insurance, gaming, telecommunications, and many more.

SAP -the software worldwide giant – is another major customer introducing Search Inside Yourself Program internally. 7.500 employees have participated in the Program and there is a 5.500 waiting list.

“Search Inside Yourself is not only the most popular training at SAP, but the most impactable” (Peter Bostelmann, Director SAP´s Global Mindfulness Practice).


How does the Program work?

The Search Inside Yourself Program takes a science-based approach that combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Through these three

disciplines, SIY helps participants integrate the key building blocks for well-being, collaboration, and leadership. The program is highly interactive, including one-on-one and group conversations, attention-training practices, listening exercises, and writing activities.

SIY trains five emotional competences or domains: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Motivation, Empathy and Leadership Skills.


Which is the impact of Search Inside Yourself Program?

We’ve measured the results of Search Inside Yourself by comparing assessments before the program with assessments over time to see how participants make the change in handling stress, controlling emotional reactions, bouncing back after emotionally challenges situations and more. The results say participants improve the ability to focus, performance and resilience, well-being and leadership up 30%.

Additionally, companies like SAP, report a 200% return on investment.

Publié le 11 avril 2019