By Juliane Nitsche, Co-Founder of MLC Advisory.

With this global health crisis underway and people being confined at home worrying about what the future might hold, practising Mindfulness can help us get through this difficult situation without too much suffering. Acceptance, conscious choices and a focus on the present moment are the pillars on which we can build a Mindfulness practice for the coming weeks and make the best out of this situation.

1. The world is one :

If it was still necessary, one of the things we can learn from the COvid-19 is that we are all linked. It has started in China at the beginning of this year and spread all over the world very quickly. We must take that fact into account in our behaviours. Let us protect ourselves but also think to the others and do whatever we can do to keep them safe.


2. Accept what we cannot change :

 As unpleasant and sometimes difficult that situation can be, we need to accept it and try to live with it as well we can. No need to spend energy ruminating or being in a “what if” mood. As soon as we have taken the necessary measures to reorganize ourselves, accepting will help us maybe discover new things or take time to read, meditate, relax,…


3. Be in the present moment :

Nobody could have predicted the situation we are in today and we do not know how long it is going to last. As often said in Mindfulness the only moment we have is the one we live now. It has never been so true. Once we have done everything we can to “secure the future”, let’s try to focus on the present moment taking the events one after the other to avoid ruminations and too much worrying.


4. Taking on new habits :

We spend quite a lot of time on an autopilot mode deeply rooted in our routines and habits not being fully aware of what we are doing. With this virus we must be more careful and make conscious choices, e.g. wash our hands as many times as needed, avoid too much contact with our eyes and nose, stay at a certain distance of other people when we are outside,… Let’s integrate those habits in our everyday life and maybe create new routines we could benefit on even when the virus crisis is over like a daily meditation practice or a walk to get some fresh air and sunshine.


One of the most important thoughts is probably to be aware that everything is temporary, pleasant and unpleasant, and that the virus crisis will end at some point. Let’s try to live as well as we can in the mean time.

Publié le 20 mars 2020