Disruptive forces are driving the future of work. To ensure organizations succeed, a new kind of future-ready leader must emerge. Competitive advantage will come with leaders who can connect resources and people adeptly to build an innovation ecosystem.

Leaders who can bring robust ideas to market at a rapid pace and, crucially, adapt quickly to change by disrupting themselves again and again. These Self-Disruptive Leaders have an uncommon skill set that allows them to move quickly, and - most importantly - bring organizations with them. This skill set can be distilled into five core qualities: the ADAPT dimensions, which encompass the ability to anticipate, drive, accelerate, partner and trust.

Based on data from over 150,000 global leaders, and opinion research from nearly 800 investors across 18 markets, our latest study reveals how to future-proof your organization.


Download the Self-Disruptive Leader report to find out more about:

- The Five ADAPT dimensions that define the Self-Disruptive Leader

- How you can identify and develop this new breed of future-ready leader; and

- How to restore investor confidence in future organizations.


Communicated by Korn Ferry

Publié le 25 mars 2019