Three-quarters have considered quitting due to a rude co-worker or boss.

A new Korn Ferry survey shows that a remote workforce is not necessarily a more civil workforce.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (70%) say that due to working remotely, it’s easier now than pre-pandemic for colleagues to get away with rude behavior such as interrupting on calls and not returning emails. More than half (59%) of respondents say that compared to re-pandemic, colleagues are ruder to each other.

“Workers no longer have to worry about chance run-ins with co-workers after they have said or done something that is less than kind,” said Korn Ferry Associate Client Partner James Bywater. “However, that doesn’t give people license to be disrespectful. That kind of behavior can have a long-term impact on business and personal relationships.”

More than three-quarters (78%) say they have found it difficult to focus on work after someone says or does something rude. Nearly all of the professionals (83%) say they try to avoid colleagues they believe are rude, and 75% say they have considered quitting due to an uncivil co-worker or boss.

“It’s not just overt outbursts of anger than can be damaging – it’s also the small acts of rudeness that can add up to hurt feelings and a loss of productivity,” said Bywater. “While it’s more difficult to monitor rude behavior when people are working remotely, leaders should check in regularly with their teams to make sure everyone feels like they are being treated with respect.”

About the Survey: 690 professionals participated in the Korn Ferry survey in early November 2021.

Survey results

Compared to pre-pandemic, are your colleagues more or less rude to each other?

More rude 59%

Less rude 41%

Does working remotely make it easier for colleagues to be rude (e.g. interrupting on calls, not returning emails)?

Yes to a great extent 24%

Yes to some extent 46%

No 30%

Have you found it difficult to focus on work after someone says or does something rude?

Yes 78%

No 22%       

Do you try to avoid colleagues who you believe are rude?

Yes 83%

No 17%

Have you ever considered quitting a job due to a rude colleague or boss?

Yes 75%

No 25%

Publié le 10 novembre 2021