skeeled just announced a new strategic partnership with Work Horizons, a UK consultancy firm that specializes in organizational renewal and career coaching.

“As the need for digital hiring processes intensified, we launched our Predictive Talent Acquisition Software in the UK last year. Now, skeeled is part of the portfolio of digital solutions Work Horizons offers to its customers with the aim of transforming and enhancing their talent acquisition process,” explain the founders of skeeled.

Work Horizons is a collective of experts who design and deliver robust people solutions to businesses to enable them to grow. They have three practices; Leadership and Coaching, Consultancy and Wellbeing and Career Transition the latter of which also offers a membership website to help people transition to a new career whether that be within their existing organization or outside.


Key Reasons for Partnering With skeeled

The main reason that made Work Horizons choose to partner with skeeled is “that the skeeled software differentiates itself as being cutting edge and offers clients a real advantage in selecting the right talent for the organization”, says Jo Carr, Director, Consultancy Practice.

Another strong factor, according to her, is that “we have found that skeeled shares a lot of the Work Horizons values, which makes it really simple to work with them as we speak the same language – from the heart.” For the Work Horizons Director, there’s “a dynamic to the relationship that we consider to be of real commercial value. skeeled is new to the UK, Work Horizons is relatively young, and has just launched its Consultancy Practice and is about to launch its Coaching Practice.”

Nicolas Speeckaert, skeeled’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, agrees and adds that “we’re delighted to partner with Work Horizons, a relatively young company which has big ambitions, like us. There are many synergies between our companies and working together will enable us to help UK companies introduce modern digital recruitment processes that will save them time and money and ensure they make the best hiring decisions.”



Source: skeeled

Publié le 09 mars 2021