To further develop the strategic support towards skeeled clients and beyond, the founders of skeeled have decided to launch a new business unit to provide HR advisory services to the Luxembourgish market.

In its new colors, skeeled.advisory focuses on providing strategic, operational and customised HR solutions to support Luxembourgish companies in transforming their challenges into successes.

“I’m very proud to be leading this new project and happy to have on my team Hélène Marguillard, who specializes in HR strategy & processes, and Solene Magnani who specializes in recruitment marketing,” explains Mike Reiffers.

The skeeled experts specialize in the following strategic pillars:

- HR transformation

- Human capital development

- HR marketing

- Skeeled experience

- Blended learning programs

“Today, more than ever, it is key for businesses to pivot and adapt to the new world of work. We are here to help them succeed, bringing our expertise of the past years working with state of the art HR technology to align and enhance human excellence through innovation,” concludes the co-founder.


Source: skeeled

Publié le 19 janvier 2021