Taking a closer look at the development of the relationship between skeeled and CHEM. Mrs Ascani (CHEM) explains how skeeled.advisory supports them in their talent acquisition and digital journey, while Mrs Marguillard looks back on the creation of skeeled.advisory.

When did the collaboration between skeeled and CHEM begin? Why do you think it was the right HR recruitment solution for you?

Mrs Ascani (CHEM): The very first contact I had with skeeled was in 2016. 

At that time, still a very young company, they had obtained the « HR Startup of the Year » & « Best HR Performance tool » award in Luxembourg.

I was quite impressed by this young, very dynamic team who had developed an innovative software.

In the health sector, the job market has become more and more competitive, hence the importance of deploying innovative means to attract and retain the best talent, while respecting all legal standards such as the general data protection regulation.

The Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch was therefore looking for a digital solution that would allow it to optimise its internal and external recruitment process, making it faster, more interactive and more transparent, while providing the best possible experience to the candidates.

To achieve this, we were looking, among others, for :

 • An innovative solution allowing internal and external candidates to apply online and recruiters to optimise the administrative management

 • An efficient solution allowing the search and selection of the candidates on the basis of a modular platform allowing several options

 • A solution creating a pool of interesting potential candidates who applied spontaneously or directly to a vacancy

 • A solution that allowed tracking each application

 • A solution offering  real-time reporting

It was important to find the best tool to support us in this improvement. The partnership with skeeled allowed us to implement modern and innovative talent acquisition solutions.


To what extent does the skeeled.advisory team support you in your digital journey?

Mrs Ascani (CHEM): Managing change is essential to lead this project to success. The skeeled.advisory team supports our change management process especially by putting the importance on the human factor. They conduct complete change management, from the designing of the project to the monitoring of its implementation including communication and the training plan.

For the skeeled.advisory team it was important to understand the internal organisation as well as the corporate culture. They help to identify the impact as well as the risks of the change on the organisation, the roles, the tools and the culture to define the type of support to be implemented. The skeeled.advisory team is competent, flexible and dynamic, always attentive and looking for solutions.

It’s important for us to have a reliable partner by our side who supports this large-scale digital project.


When was skeeled.advisory actually created? Does it answer a specific market need?

Mrs. Marguillard (skeeled.advisory): Since its creation in 2015, one of the primary keys to skeeled’s success has been working closely with our customers across all industries (i.e. retail, aerospace, construction, financial institutions etc.). We have been able to achieve high quality outcomes and strategies thanks to the trusting relationships we built with our customers whose feedback and views were essential for the improvement of our product.

Based on our experience, we believe that HR digitalisation is not only a tech challenge, but also that successful transformation only happens if companies cope accurately with the human challenges.  Balancing human and digital by placing people at the heart of the digital transformation is crucial. 

In 2020, we decided to make a big step forward by introducing skeeled.advisory with the objective to  support companies in their HR transformation projects thanks to custom HR solutions. Indeed, in HR, change is the only constant: each organisation has ever-changing HR needs which require a unique response. 

As Mrs Ascani just described, we are considered as the right partner to lead change management initiatives ensuring that the skeeled software is adopted and embraced through project management best practices. 

In addition, thanks to the integration of AssessFirst within skeeled, we can rely on the combination of two powerful predictive solutions to advise our clients in their recruitment, management and talent development decision-making.

Last but not least, our experts are dedicated to build the bridge between HR and marketing and support the HR department with innovative HR marketing and employer branding solutions.


What are the main benefits for companies and HR leaders to select skeeled.advisory as transformation partner?

Mrs. Marguillard (skeeled.advisory): The skeeled.advisory team is not only knowledgeable, we are passionate about helping our customers succeed. We have local knowledge and expertise and work hand-in-hand with HR leaders.  

Thanks to our experience, we know that building internal dedicated teams is expensive and that these resources must better be devoted to adding value in other areas of operations. Moreover, each organisation has a unique set of goals and expectations and digital transformation is never a one-size-fits-all endeavor. 

One of our main goals is really to build a lasting and impactful relationship while providing value-added HR services supporting our clients in achieving better outcomes. As a transformation partner of choice, we are committed to delivering customised, innovative ideas and top-notch services meeting the highest standards of professional conduct.


What about plans for the future and ambitions of skeeled.advisory for the years to come?

Mrs. Marguillard (skeeled.advisory): Today skeeled is a leading technology in Predictive Talent Acquisition Software. By offering advisory services to our clients, our main focus is supporting organisations driving future-proof HR by merging human and digital. 

Internally speaking, the coordination and collaboration of skeeled experts is the key to our success. Indeed, the combination of tech skills (our experts are based in Porto) with HR expertise is crucial and we take pride in working as one team even despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

skeeled is constantly changing and improving: as a young company we are driven by the will to constantly adapt functionalities and/or add new modules -for the tech side- and related HR provided services. 

Therefore, don’t be surprised if, in a few months’ time, you’ll hear of a brand new skeeled service based on specific growing recruitment market demand. 

Publié le 12 mai 2021