As CovidCheck becomes mandatory from mid-January, the Italian company Gulliver is developing a solution to automate and centralize the procedure and make the control easier and faster.

Gulliver is one of the market leaders in Italy for smartphone applications for more than 20 years and counts 350 large and international corporations as well as more than 1500 small and medium sized companies among its customers. Gulliver has already appointed a Country Manager, Danilo D’Aversa, here in Luxembourg to share its expertise and to deploy its solutions.

Starting 15 January 2022, the CovidCheck will be mandatory by law at the entrances of office buildings in Luxembourg. In Italy, the equivalent of CovidCheck has been mandatory in companies since October. It is therefore on the strength of its Italian experience that Gulliver is now offering its solution in Luxembourg: A complete and customizable HR solution that is growing in order to meet different companies’ needs. A corporate suite, a “SUPER APP” that combines contingent features, such as CovidCheck. An app that allows the users to perform various tasks inside the company, a tool that makes the users’ life much easier.

The check must be carried out before the employees enter the company. Many companies will opt for a person at the entrance to be in charge of the CovidCheck. This method of control generates a series of contraindications: long queues at the entry with risk of gatherings during the delays, difficulty of proof of the controls carried out...


Gulliver has implemented a solution that allows to solve these issues by simplifying the management of controls for all the actors involved. The solution is composed of an app and a web console. All employees will have an app at their disposal from which they can independently upload their Covid pass before joining the company. The result of these uploads will then be available, via web console, to the human resources manager of the company who will thus be able to view all the checks carried out with the relative results.

Danilo D’Aversa, Country Manager Luxembourg at Gulliver, gives more details: “Most companies will put someone at the entrance to do the CovidCheck and scan the QR code. So, you need to have a list of all employees with their schedules and check each one of them. For large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is an issue. It is a very slow process, you will have queues at the entrance and you need to have someone or several people all day to control who comes and goes.” 


“What we propose is to automate this check process. The users of our app, before entering the office, can check the Covid pass by themselves. The users will receive feedback (valid or not) and this information is sent to the back office. So, the HR office can consult the web portal and control who checks their Covid pass, what was the result, when did they do it, etc. You avoid the queue and you empower employees with this check-in process. They are made responsible in a good way for the well-being inside the company.”

The solution, which can be deployed in a very fast and straightforward way, is already very popular among Gulliver’s customers in Italy since mid-October. “In Italy, what we saw is that the entry is more fluid and easier. And also, in Italy, by law, companies must have the list of the users of the check that you did. If there is a control by law enforcement, you can justify all the check process and show what kind of control you did”, says D’Aversa.

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Danilo D’Aversa explains: “On one side you have an app and a web portal on the other side where you can manage the data to send to the app and to receive from the app. The system is integrated with the company's ERP.”

For visitors, you have two ways. The company can put a tablet at the entrance and the guest can do the CovidCheck by himself and provide information on the time of his visit, the name of his employer, etc. It’s a way to automate the process. If there’s no tablet at the entrance, the receptionist can use Gulliver’s app to scan the QR code of the guest and the results will be available on the centralized web portal.

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“For the large companies which want to have their own app, they can brand and customize our app using the company name and logo and make it available on app stores”, states D’Aversa. “The solution is a software as a service (SaaS), there is no issue installing our solution within the company's IT infrastructure, you just need to log in to the web portal to use it. For large companies, we can also provide a solution on premise and install the software in their data center.”

“And if the company’s IT infrastructure allows it, it is possible to synchronize the solution to the badge system, meaning that if the employee is not able to provide a valid Covid pass, he will not be able to open the door with his badge”, adds D’Aversa.


The app G-HR Covid pass app is part of a broader range of HR services and solutions offered by Gulliver under the name “G-HR Tech Suite”.

“The Covid pass solution provided by Gulliver is integrated in a suite of other services called G-HR Tech Suite. It’s a solution like for the Covid pass based on a smartphone app and a web console that has 15 features that can be very helpful for the HR department: clock in in and clock in out, expenses report, reservation of assets, desk, parking lot, meeting office, a feature for communication inside company, for employees to send request for the HR management, for time sheets… Each customer can do cherry picking and choose to use what services he wants and needs. It is a way to support the digitalisation of the HR environment”, concludes D’Aversa.



Publié le 16 décembre 2021