The value and impact of talent assessments in the employee selection and development lifecycle has been well established for decades with approximately 75% of companies using assessments in their talent selection process today. Yet, this $1B+ industry is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace due to 3 driving forces: Candidate Demands, Recruiter Needs, and Technology Advancements. In this 3-part series, we will take a deep look at the ways the talent assessment industry is adapting to these needs.

First, let’s examine the role the candidate has played in disrupting the selection industry. In years past, with high unemployment rates and fewer resources available to aid the candidate’s job search, employers were able to call the shots. If the candidate wanted a job, they would jump through as many hoops as necessary to secure the offer. Today’s employers are mindful of the impact a negative candidate experience has on everything from Glassdoor reviews to losing customers. In fact, 41% of candidates with a poor selection experience have reported they will take their product purchase elsewhere (Talent Board, 2016).


Enhancing the candidate experience

As employers become more focused on the impact of the candidate experience, they’ve invested more and more in their employment brand. In the past 5 years, employer branding efforts have focused on the talent attraction process. Improved career sites, talent community management, and social media marketing all impact the experience of prospective candidates before they enter the talent selection funnel, but in 2018, the assessment process itself will adapt and incorporate key employer branding concepts.

Long batteries of off-the-shelf assessments will give way to shorter, configurable assessments that focus on key competencies for success. The skill shortage and rapidly changing nature of work has created a higher demand for assessing potential rather than specific, targeted skills.

Next, assessment providers should be prepared to incorporate employer branding messages throughout the testing process. Employers expect that the assessment platform will include their logo, font, and color scheme so the candidate feels like they haven’t left the employer’s career site. While some assessment providers can do this currently, they’re charging exorbitant rates to make these simple changes. This year, we expect consumers will demand branding as part of their overall assessment solution package.

The branding messages will also begin to filter further through the assessment process. Candidates who receive a video welcome message explaining the value and importance of an assessment are more likely to view it as a mutually beneficial step in the selection process. Assessment providers who can host and integrate video messages between assessments enable employers to incorporate realistic job previews, thank you messages, and showcase the company culture. These small, but impactful integrations transform the automated selection process from mundane to a memorable, personal, and informed two-way selection process.

For decades, assessment providers have focused almost exclusively on the science they add to the selection process. In 2018, we’ll see a transition towards adding value to the candidate and recruiter experience as well as the overall talent intelligence of the organization. More on that in our next post…


By Breanne Harris, Principal Consultant, Cubiks USA.

Publié le 17 janvier 2018