“Should companies start using tools, which are powered by Artificial Intelligence?” This is a question we hear everywhere, nowadays.


If that is still a question in your organisation, you are already late to the party.

In the times of the industrial revolution, men created the steam machine to multiply the power of the human physique. In today’s AI revolution, men created artificial intelligence to multiply the capacity of the human brain. History proved that the luddites - a secret organisation of textile workers, who feared that machines would destroy their craft, so they destroyed the machines - were on the wrong side of history.


Before you start using AI in HR, however, there are a number of things you should consider. Here we have summarized BondWeaver’s three crucial tips:


1. AI should complement the human intelligence, not replace it

AI powered tools have their shortcomings, (e.g.  sometimes they misunderstand the context), but that is why it is vital to use AI to complement the human intelligence, instead of replacing it. Even today, industrial production is not 100% automated. Humans are still supervising major steps in productions.


A great example is when an AI was used for recruitment and it gave a really low score for a candidate, who had great experience and skillset, but changed jobs too many times in the past. What the AI failed to recognise was that this man regularly moved to different cities, because her wife was in the army and they were relocated often because of her job. Does this make him a bad candidate?


2. Use an AI that you understand

There are different types of AIs. E.g. neural network AI will take a bunch of data and assign scores to your candidates or to your employees, but the neural net AI will not be able to tell you why it came to a specific conclusion, so you will not be able to explain it to the given colleague. As HR is a humane profession, we cannot say to a co-worker that you are disengaged now because the AI said so.


3. Your AI is as efficient as the human network it operates in

Why should we use AI at all? The answer is simple: to enhance productivity and efficiency. But, what happens when the human network, in which you deployed your AI in, is not efficient? In that case you are basically flushing the majority of your investment down the drain and you will not see the ROI you calculated with in your business case. Every time you launch an AI in one of your departments, make sure that the human network is ready, too. In other words, the colleagues who will be working with the AI should form a cohesive and engaged group. And do not forget: this is exactly what BondWeaver is measuring. 

Make your organisation “AI-ready” with BondWeaver’s AI.


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Publié le 12 juin 2019