Cristina Jardon Serrano (Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Compassion) tells us more about the upcoming Search Inside Yourself sessions that will soon be organized in Luxembourg. She notably discusses leadership and the main elements of the SIY program.

Why has leadership become such an important topic in the corporate world?

Well, there are several factors to explain this importance. Nowadays we live a big transformation in the Organizations. It´s not only about digitalization, but another way to understand the corporation and processes, and also the people who are part of the ecosystem. On the other hand, we face extremely fast moments and changes within the organizations that are impacting people both personal and professional. We talk about a VUCA world -volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous- as the new environment at work and beyond, like in politics, climate change, ….

Transformational leadership is needed more than ever before. Probably never people -their engagement, wellbeing, motivation...- were so relevant in the organizations. And because the focus is on people to achieve the transformation, we need leaders trained in skills to connect with their teams so they can lead to the excellence facing daily challenges in this new environment.


What are the main components of the SIY program?

The Search Inside Yourself Program is based in the latest neuroscientific studies and it trains emotional intelligence competences through mindfulness practices and other tools that can be easily transferred to work. The SIY curriculum is the same worldwide providing consistency to the content: the program is the same in every country with every Certified Teacher, which gives strength to the program.

It has been taught in more than 30 countries, which shows the growth of the program all around the world.

The program proposes 16 hours of experiential training about mindfulness, self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy and leadership. We go through the content with a learning-by-doing approach, so participants can find the way to implement the content to work and life without any difficulty. This is one of the strengths of SIY. It´s very practical and useful.

But the program doesn´t finish with the training. It continues one month more with daily practices online that help to create good mental and emotional habits and putting in practice all the content. These good habits bring the important impact mentioned before.


How would you describe the commitment of the SIY certified teachers?

Well, first to say is SIY Leadership Institute makes an exhaustive assessment to applicants for SIY Certified Teachers selection based in professional background, regular meditation practice, human development knowledge and commitment on transforming society (wherever field anybody is working at).

So all SIY Certified Teachers start from a certain personal development level that become stronger when we finish our one-year training.

Becoming SIY CT is and adventure -a magical journey, I would say- in which we are transforming ourselves into more mindful and compassionate people to bring this embodiment in our programs. It´s from inside-out that we teach SIY. This is the way we all understand the transformation.


How would you convince managers to attend such training sessions?

There are hundreds of companies from all sectors all around the world where SIY has been applied bringing big impact in terms of increasing certain KPI´s.

SAP, the software giant, is one example. Their business case shows that SIY program not only helps reduce stress (-5,1%), increase engagement (5,3%), wellbeing (7,6%) and leadership and meaning (8,4%) after the 4 weeks of the program, but when they measured six months later.  SAP found longer term impact because KPI´s were continuing increasing (engagement 6,5%, wellbeing 9,2%, leadership and meaning 12%) and stress was continuing decreasing (-7,6%). This shows people are able to create durable habits to work and communicate differently and this brings fantastic results and better productivity.

SIY teaches what we cannot find in Business Schools: how to apply emotional intelligence competences to work better. Of course, technical skills are important, but soft skills are needed in the complexity of the workplace today. Emotional intelligence makes the difference.

So coming back to your question, more than convincing I would make an invitation to managers and teams to ‘search inside themselves’ with us and to learn new tools to navigate their busy work and life with a little more ease.   

Publié le 21 octobre 2019