The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed how people think about their mobility preferences and what matters to them at work. The online recruitment expert in Luxembourg,, is organizing a webinar to give companies insights to help them build their strategy to successfully prepare for the ‘Future of Work’.

It has been many years that Luxembourgish employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit certain profiles, such as IT specialists, accountants, nurses, truck drivers... The reason for that is that several sectors are coping with a serious shortage of skilled workers. Since the working population will decrease over the next decades, we already know that this will only get worse.

More than ever, employers must adapt to stay competitive: being a pioneer in meeting candidates’ future of work expectations can definitely put firms in the frontline in the war for top international talents. As 57% of global respondents are willing to move abroad for work, international recruitment is definitely an option to consider in the years to come.

This type of recruitment is easier than you think but it requires some preparation, which is why is hosting a webinar about this topic. In this session, points such as the Luxembourgish job market of tomorrow, the importance of international recruitment and best practices for effective recruitment abroad will be discussed.  Finally, insightful data from a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group and the Network in collaboration with among 208,000 people in 190 countries, will illustrate future of work trends from various angles.


Webinar on International Recruitment – June 29th at 1pm

More information and registrations HERE.

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Publié le 16 juin 2021