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When people thrive at work, everyday excellence becomes a reality

At MLC Advisory, our mission is to help your people unlock greater performancedevelop resilience and kindle engagement & motivation. We are convinced that in the years to come only organizations with truly engaged and empowered employees, that have developed the inner resources and mindsets to give their best every day, will create lasting success and innovation.  And our mission is to help you achieve this goal!


Make your people feel supported and valued with our Training & Development Solutions:

  • Events, conferences, Lunch & Learn: To mobilize your employees and create a positive climate that inspires positive change, we organize workshops, events, or conferences to present topics that spark wellbeing and performance at work.
  • Training & Development Solutions for individuals and teams: We provide deep learning opportunities for your employees, delivered live or online. Each program is based on neuro-science research and focuses on practical strategies for changing mental habits in daily work lives for more concentration, emotional stability and resilience.
  • Team & Leadership Coaching: We will bring your people together to develop trust, alignment, clarity of roles, and accountability. An increase in self awareness and particularly in recognizing unproductive thinking patterns will allow to connect more authentically with each other and inspire trust and psychological safety in teams that will lead to better overall performance.






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Juliane Nitsche, Co-founder of MLC Advisory
Juliane Nitsche
MLC Advisory