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2-day seminar, November 26 and 27, from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.

This seminar is suitable for leaders to reinforce their EI competencies and people willing to prepare for a future leadership role.


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This seminar explore and reflect on personal and social elements of the Emotional Intelligence and appreciate its importance in the leadership role and the role that emotions play in the work environment.

Programme complet

  • Personal elements of emotional intelligence (EI) :
    • self-awareness: emotional awareness, self-assessment, self-esteem, and self-confidence ;
    • self-regulation: self-control, adaptability, transparency ;
    • motivation: how to motivate and empower others ?
  • Social elements of EI :
    • empathy ;
    • what is active listening and how to apply it ?
    • what are some barriers to effective listening ?
    • importance of body language and tonality ;
    • elements of effective communication ;
    • building rapport with others ;
    • how to deliver constructive feedback ?
  • Self-assessment : 
    • how to increase emotional competence through self-awareness and self-regulation ? 
    • how to increase emotional competence through social awareness and social skills ?

Les "plus"

This training program is composed of 4 parts and each of them can be taken independently. Conscious Leader Training - leadership styles, power of perception & emotions Conscious Leader Training - emotionally intelligent (EI) leader Conscious Leader Training - conflict resolution & coaching Conscious Leader Training - delegation skills & communicating around change