Introduction to Job Evaluation

Learn how to evaluate jobs and evaluate work in your organization using the Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation methodology.

Target group

This 2-day training is for all HR professionals who are accountable for describing, analyzing, designing and measuring work within an organization that already uses the Korn Ferry Hay Methodology – yet have little or no previous experience.


Our Introduction to Job Evaluation training will teach you how to evaluate jobs according to the Korn Ferry Hay methodology. You will gain insights on evaluating different job types in the context of an organizational structure and will learn techniques for ensuring consistency and reliability in your job evaluation work. The training will be organized in an interactive setup to give you as much hands-on experience as possible. 

This training will provide an answer to the following questions:

  • What is job evaluation and what are the concepts behind job evaluation?
  • How to measure work using the Guide Chart – Profile MethodSM of Job Evaluation?
  • How to apply the Korn Ferry Hay method to a variety of jobs at different levels and in different functions?
  • How to understand and discuss similarities, differences, and relationships between work and jobs?

Hands-on practice and comprehensive course content will leave you capable and confident. You can also ask your questions to experienced Korn Ferry experts and share insights with your peers. 

Successful completion of this Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation training program entitles you to use the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart-Profile MethodologySM under specific conditions.

 The number of participants to this training is limited to 12.


Budget: EUR 1.500/participant (excl. VAT)

Location: Parc Hotel Alvisse, 120 Route d'Echternach, 1453 Luxembourg


Language: French


Lunch is included


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