Taster Session

You all know Korn Ferry for its job evaluations. We now challenge you and ourselves to look beyond the obvious application on reward and to make the link to competency management. In April, we'll spend half a day on a live session with our key experts in competency management and peer HR practitioners. We've also invited mrs. Sandra Hoeylaerts, Global Talent & Organisation Development Director from Huntsman to interactively share their case on using their job evaluation framework to develop a fully integrated competency framework.


  • 9.30 
    Refresh/back to basic What is a competency and, equally important, what is it not?
  • 10.00
    Going in-depth Korn Ferry's expert vision on competencies.
  • 10.45
    Practical takeaway Developing a competency framework as a basis of an integrated talent ecosystem: from candidate selection to development and engagement of existing employees and high potentials.
  • 11.30
    Real-life evidence The Huntsman case: from a job evaluation framework to an integrated competency framework.

Budget: EUR 1,000/participant (excl. VAT) 
Location: Parc Hotel Alvisse, 120 Route d'Echternach, 1453 Luxembourg
Language: English


Lunch is included

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