On November 26th, 2020, the second edition of Human Capital Europe took place in an unusual setting: due to the current health situation, the event was available online, with many local and international speakers sharing their expertise and best practices. The morning session focused on the leaders of tomorrow.

27 novembre 2020

Human Capital Europe digitally took place on November 26th, 2020, and brought together local and international experts around the topics of leadership, digital transformation and employee engagement, notably. The afternoon session, entitled “HR Reloaded”, was moderated by Laurent Chapelle (CEO of RH Expert).

27 novembre 2020

ALIPA Group est une entreprise labellisée ESR – ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE depuis le 16 mars 2011.

13 novembre 2020

The Why, What and How of New Ways of Working. 

03 novembre 2020

Emmanuelle Joseph-Dailly (Director of the Lab Research and Prospective of the Julhiet Sterwen Group) will share her knowledge and vision during the digital edition of Human Capital Europe, on November 26, 2020. She will notably focus on “impertinent profiles” and today teases her keynote speech. Register now: www.humancapitaleurope.com.

02 novembre 2020

On November 26th, Alex Staniforth (Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, Ambassador & Director of Mind Over Mountains) will participate to the second edition of Human Capital Europe. This year, due to the current health situation, the event will be available online. Alex will share his knowledge and experience in a keynote speech entitled "Reaching Unclimbed Peaks: why staying at base camp kills our potential".

29 octobre 2020

Edenred renoue avec la croissance organique au 3e trimestre, démontrant sa résilience face à la crise et sa capacité de rebond.

28 octobre 2020

Claudia Kessler (Initiator of the 1st female Astronaut at Astronautin) will take the virtual stage next November 26th, during the second edition of Human Capital Europe. The expert will share a presentation focusing on empowerment and inspiration. Today, she tells us more about the skills of astronauts, and how they could be transferred to the corporate world.

27 octobre 2020

The amount of change that the average employee can absorb without becoming fatigued in 2020 has been cut in half compared to 2019, according to Gartner, Inc. Amid worries about the economy, job security, their health and the health of their loved ones, employees’ capacity to take on change in the workplace has plunged significantly.

27 octobre 2020

The relationship between employers and employees has shifted significantly due to the major transformation in the way people work, and how organizations are thinking about the future, according to Gartner, Inc. Today’s new employment deal centers on positively impacting employees’ lives while improving talent outcomes for employers.

26 octobre 2020