Cette annonce peut paraître étonnante et pourtant ! Le Vatican a annoncé la nomination de Luis Herrera Tejedor en tant que Directeur des Ressources Humaines. Une première au Vatican ! La création de ce poste fait suite à la publication de la nouvelle Constitution, Praedicate envangelicum, le 5 juin dernier. 

08 septembre 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light a difficult, often overlooked truth: To drive overall better performance and success as a company, organizations must be fair to all of their employees.

08 septembre 2022

Missteps put you at risk of encountering ethical and toxic workplace challenges.

01 septembre 2022

What do Pride month, #MeToo, #MenToo and Black Lives Matter have in common? All of these movements, although having very different backgrounds, deal in some way or another with discrimination and are challenging the societal norms in which we live in. The constant flare-up of these movements, as well as the emergence of counter movements leading to the “Don’t say gay bill” in Florida or the tightening of abortion laws in Poland, remind us that the fight against sexism, racism, ableism, trans- and homophobia is still far from over. 

22 août 2022

All Member States must apply EU-wide rules to improve work-life balance for parents and carers adopted in 2019. These rules set out minimum standards for paternity, parental and carers' leave and establish additional rights, such as the right to request flexible working arrangements, which will help people develop their careers and family life without having to sacrifice either.

03 août 2022

Data and information management represents both a high priority and responsibility for human resources professionals. This is when technology comes as useful to help them in their workflow. This article aims to present the top benefits of HR management software. 

22 juillet 2022

Hier, le Parlement européen a reconnu les avantages du télétravail, avec cependant quelques réserves quant aux risques qu’il peut engendrer. Télétravailler oui, mais quelles limites faut-il prendre en considération ? 

06 juillet 2022

The health and well-being of employees is more of a concern now for employers than ever before. While the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic might be behind us, people continue to struggle with the stress of balancing working from home with the responsibilities of their personal life.

29 juin 2022

Human Leadership Improves Talent Outcomes Yet Only 29% of Employees Believe Their Leader Exhibits Human Leadership.

27 juin 2022

Sixty-three percent of executives plan to make compensation adjustments in response to high inflation, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. In March of 2022, Gartner surveyed 157 executives to understand how they are addressing inflation concerns.

01 juin 2022