After a 2020 edition organised in a digital format, a new edition of Human Capital Europe will take place next November 16th, in a physical format, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL). Focusing on HR trends and leadership topics, Human Capital Europe will give the participants a unique opportunity to reconnect with local and international key players and rethink the workplace.

20 octobre 2021

As part of the event Human Capital Europe, the Luxembourg HR Awards ceremony will take place on November 16th at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL). Applications are open until October 31st.

19 octobre 2021

Cette année, le programme d’intégration des nouveaux arrivants chez Deloitte a eu lieu en personne et a offert aux participants un regard approfondi sur la stratégie et les valeurs de la firme, ainsi que des opportunités de réseautage.

18 octobre 2021

L’un des enjeux majeurs pour les services de ressources humaines est la fidélisation des collaborateurs : comment les attirer dans l’entreprise et surtout, comment les y faire rester? En dehors du salaire ou des gratifications financières, comment motive-t-on les employés aujourd’hui? Rencontre avec deux spécialistes RH : Marie Duquesne, Senior Business Partner et Latifa Toudma, Senior Development Officer, du département People, Culture et Communication de la BIL.

15 octobre 2021

On October 9, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHU) launched its newest project – the “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform – at the KlimaExpo in the presence of economy minister Franz Fayot.

14 octobre 2021

As organizations execute return-to-workplace strategies, they must take deliberate steps to define and reshape the worker-employer relationship.

13 octobre 2021

Marco Houwen is proud to announce the launch of, a personal leadership  community for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and free spirits to re-connect their energy with  a sustainable mindset for themselves and their organisations. fosters  authentic creation on the basis of who we really are, rather than one’s external conditioning.

08 octobre 2021

Nearly 50% of employees hired over the last 12 months had two additional job offers.

05 octobre 2021

As part of ICT Spring Europe, Mastermind Summit & Competition took place on September 15th. This event – dedicated to the startup ecosystem – aimed at promoting and spreading best practices, fostering emulation between entrepreneurs and VCs and offering recognition to the best international start-ups of the ecosystem. Mastermind was composed of a 1-day conference and a start-up competition where three key categories were represented: FinTech, DeepTech and NewSpace.

05 octobre 2021

On October 4th, KPMG Luxembourg announced 19 promotions to partnership level.

05 octobre 2021