Understand the most common forms of pushback so you can learn how to address it proactively.

22 septembre 2022

General Counsel's Director Management Is Key to Boards with Engaged and Qualified Directors

21 septembre 2022

Cette année, InTech, Akabi, Pictet Technologies et Salonkee rejoignent CTG IT Solutions au classement des Best Workplaces en Europe.

14 septembre 2022

Dans cette série « regards croisés », Valentine Kunnas, HR Advisor au sein de Talantlers mène une série d’entretiens avec les membres de la communauté d’experts qui gravitent autour du cabinet, sur des questions d’actualité et de fond. En parallèle, Romain Tisné, Associé du cabinet partage les constats de son équipe sur ces sujets.

12 septembre 2022

The pressure on our natural environment has increased substantially overtime. Halting and preserving nature and its capacity to contribute to sustainable economic growth is a significant challenge, bringing with it significant risks to corporate and financial stability, but also opportunities.

08 septembre 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light a difficult, often overlooked truth: To drive overall better performance and success as a company, organizations must be fair to all of their employees.

08 septembre 2022

75% of people believe that companies and brands do have a role to play when it comes to solving societal challenges, such as social justice and equality. This is what Wunderman Thumpson’s report Inclusion’s Next Wave demonstrates. Which are the perks of inclusion for your business?

01 septembre 2022

Missteps put you at risk of encountering ethical and toxic workplace challenges.

01 septembre 2022

The concept of employee advocacy isn’t new, it’s been around for years. Once upon a time, it was mostly happening offline, at conferences and networking events, where people would get to know each other face-to-face and share what their companies were up to and exchange business cards. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, right?

24 août 2022

One of a pair of twin brothers dies. When a foolish student runs into the surviving twin, he asks, “Did you die, or was it your brother?” This joke comes from the Philogelos, the oldest existing collection of jokes, written 1,600 years ago. Most of them are quite childish or make fun of illiterate people. Still, you probably laughed at this one, which was written before the fall of the Roman Empire (we confess we chuckled). In short, our sense of humour hasn’t changed much in the last two millennia. 

Similarly, neither has our relationship to love, life, death, power… you name it. These are what  makes us human and drive our desire to live a good life—a central element of Stoicism.

22 août 2022