Deep tech accounts for over a quarter of Europe’s start-up ecosystem, with European deep tech companies now valued at a combined €700 billion and counting. Yet women remain largely underrepresented across this industry.

22 juillet 2021

In a rapidly evolving world, modern life is becoming more and more challenging, uncertain and complex to manage. How we work, rest and play has changed considerably over the years, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the pandemic has totally reshaped the concept of work-life balance and transformed the way we live.

20 juillet 2021

En mai, nous apprenions que l’application vedette des jeunes (et des moins jeunes), dans une optique de diversification, prévoyait de proposer un service dédié au recrutement. C’est désormais officiel avec le lancement de « TikTok Resumes ».

09 juillet 2021

Next September 14th and 15th, more than 100 international experts will participate in a new edition of ICT Spring, the renowned tech summit. The event, organized since 2010, will take place at the European Convention Center Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe: ICT Spring will therefore be the first largest in-person event of the year. Today, the organizers are announcing the various topics that will be discussed during the different summits, as well as the first experts who will share their knowledge and best practices, during what promises to be an exceptional edition.

01 juin 2021

Edenred, leader mondial des solutions digitales de paiement à usages spécifiques (titres-restaurant, mobilité, cadeaux), lance la plateforme Télétravail, première solution destinée aux employeurs pour faciliter la prise en charge des frais engagés par leurs collaborateurs dans le cadre du télétravail. Premier client de cette nouvelle offre, Crédit Agricole CIB, banque de financement et d’investissement du Groupe Crédit Agricole.

28 mai 2021

TikTok, application vedette chez les jeunes (et les moins jeunes), poursuit sa diversification au-delà du divertissement en proposant un service dédié au recrutement.

19 mai 2021

Nicolas Speeckaert, Founder & Managing Partner chez skeeled, explique comment l’analyse des données et l’utilisation d’algorithmes permet aux entreprises de recruter les candidats les mieux adaptés. Grâce à un processus de sélection basé sur les preuves et non l’intuition, le recrutement prédictif est l'outil idoine pour éviter les erreurs de casting.

19 mai 2021

An interview with Jean-Christophe Denis, Associate Partner in IT Advisory at KPMG Luxembourg

The current pandemic has reshaped the way we work. It has also reinforced the importance of being technologically well-equipped to keep up with the new reality’s flexibility and on-the-go requirements.

18 mai 2021

Taking a closer look at the development of the relationship between skeeled and CHEM. Mrs Ascani (CHEM) explains how skeeled.advisory supports them in their talent acquisition and digital journey, while Mrs Marguillard looks back on the creation of skeeled.advisory.

12 mai 2021

Nearly one in five workers (18%) consider themselves to be digital technology experts since COVID-19, while over half consider themselves proficient, according to a new survey from Gartner, Inc. An increased reliance on digital collaboration tools and lack of in-person IT support while working remotely altered many workers’ relationships to technology.

27 avril 2021