We’ll give you a hint; the very first thing is to make sure your feedback sticks! In this webinar, Jouko van Aggelen and Jurn de Boer shared their views and best practices on HR tech, how to mitigate the risks and, most importantly, how it can lead to amazing results.

08 janvier 2020

On December 17th, more than 300 ICT and tech professionals gathered at the Alvisse Parc Hotel to attend the first ever IT Ladies Night organized in Luxembourg. After attending a conference with insightful speeches and messages delivered by keynote speakers, the local experts were recognized through the Luxembourg Women ICT Awards.

18 décembre 2019

Par Audrey Philoclès, Chef de Projet RH pour Cubiks - Cubiks a eu la chance de travailler avec un grand nombre d’entreprises pour affiner, améliorer et réorganiser leur process de recrutement. Nous partageons dans cet article nos conseils pour concevoir la meilleure solution d'évaluation possible pour votre entreprise.

17 décembre 2019

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) and the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology (JWCoBT) at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the 10th of December formalising their cooperation on developing and launching a Fintech Summer School programme in 2020.

12 décembre 2019

Entre utilisateurs, engagement et publicités, découvrez 18 chiffres clés concernant le réseau social professionnel LinkedIn, compilés par les équipes de SocialPilot.

10 décembre 2019

In today’s digital world, our work environment is constantly evolving, and so are our skills. To understand some of the current challenges faced by employers but also by employees, BEAST met with Christian Scharff (Partner, People & Organisation, PwC Luxembourg) and Thierry Kremser (Partner, Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Luxembourg). The HR and data experts tell us more about upskilling, in a context where talents are more than ever eager to learn and develop, thanks notably to the use of new technologies.

10 décembre 2019

On February 6th 2020, the third edition of the quarter finals of the Startup World Cup will be co-organized by EY Luxembourg, Pegasus Tech Ventures and EU-TRIBE (The Greater Region Innovators Network) at EY Luxembourg and you only have a few days left to apply!

05 décembre 2019

On December 17th, 2019, IT One will organize the first ever IT Ladies Night, an evening dedicated to celebrate the contribution of Women to the IT Sector, highlighting their best initiatives and projects. Several local and international experts will take the stage to share their knowledge, before meeting during the networking cocktail and further discuss the topic, prior to the ceremony of the Luxembourg ICT Women Awards.

04 décembre 2019

In the international tech company Docler Holding, HR experts, thanks to their numerous initiatives, have become masters in attracting talent, especially in Luxembourg. BEAST recently met with Valentina Brysina, who is Lead Recruiter and Recruitment Services Manager. We discussed current recruitment trends in the tech industry, as well as the growing importance of the candidate experience in a corporate world that is more competitive than ever.

04 décembre 2019

Embarquez à bord de la mission #HRonMars et venez découvrir ce que les ressources humaines et les nouvelles technologies vous réservent dans le futur ! Le 28 janvier 2020 à La Gaîté Lyrique à Paris, un équipage de plus de 250 professionnels de la fonction Talent (Recruitment et People Development) viendra explorer les sujets majeurs du futur de la profession à travers des talks inspirants, des tables rondes et ateliers thématiques ainsi que des temps pour networker. 

03 décembre 2019