By Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry and author of Lose the Resume, Land the Job.

You may think of your resume as a list of places you’ve worked. A more effective approach is to think of your resume as a story you are telling about your experience.

17 septembre 2019

C'est le 26 novembre prochain, à l'ECCL, que se déroulera la première édition du Human Capital Europe. Cet événement mêle plusieurs thématiques, entre talent management et mobilité, avec la présence de plusieurs startups et la traditionnelle cérémonie des Luxembourg HR Awards.

11 septembre 2019

C'est ce mardi 10 septembre que la nouvelle présidente de la Commission européenne, Ursula van der Leyden, présentait la composition de son équipe. Le luxembourgeois Nicolas Schmit hérite du portefeuille de l'Emploi.

10 septembre 2019

Our society’s intellectual capital may well depend on deepening our understanding of how to effectively design and implement upskilling initiatives. Below are six key action steps. They are typically conducted in the following sequence, so that each may build on those that came before.

09 septembre 2019

By Virginie Boyard, Executive Director, VISTIM S.A..

Building sustainable HR management sends a strong message to the business’ talents.

05 septembre 2019

Le nombre de demandeurs d’emploi résidents disponibles inscrits à l’ADEM s’établit à 15 668 au 31 juillet 2019. Sur un an, cela constitue une hausse de 406 personnes, soit de 2.7%. Le taux de chômage, corrigé des variations saisonnières, calculé par le STATEC, s’établit à 5.5%.

20 août 2019

Brexit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee or employer, there is little clarity over exactly what it means. While the British Government scrambles for an outcome, organisations sit patiently, doing what they can to prepare for all eventualities. Considering that there is no certainty and a myriad of possible outcomes, it makes it extremely challenging for organisations to put plans in place. 

19 août 2019

By Laurent Probst, Global Innovation Leader, and Christian Scharff, Partner @ PwC Luxembourg.

Imagine that you’re one of millions of people whose job is threatened by digital technology. You’re the compliance officer at a bank, an operations manager on an assembly line, a technical writer, a programming debugger, or a lighting coordinator for a photographer. Sometimes your job is so bound up in routine, you joke that it could be handled by a computer. Then the joke becomes reality. You are asked to help design the automated processes that will replace your position in a year.

05 août 2019

This year’s Global Human Capital Trends report argues that, to create value as a social enterprise in today’s dynamic and demanding environment, organizations must reinvent themselves—with a human focus—on three fronts: the workforce, the organization, and HR. The 10 trends we highlight in these areas are of immediate concern to business and HR executives, issues on which leaders are being pushed to act today. But where will they take organizations five or 10 years from now, when the forces now at work have had more time to play out?

22 juillet 2019

In this year’s Global Human Capital Trends survey, 74 percent of respondents rated HR technology as important or very important, and 21 percent called it one of the three most urgent topics their organizations faced moving into 2019. While billions have been invested in integrated cloud-based systems, many organizations tell us they are still not satisfied, and research shows that the average satisfaction with these systems is only 3.3 out of 5—a drop of 3 percent over last year [i]. In fact, after investing more than US$20 billion in HR technology over the last five years [ii], 65 percent of our survey respondents still report that their technology is inadequate or only fair at achieving its overall objectives.

15 juillet 2019