Over the past few years, many have become alarmed by studies predicting that AI and robotics, in certain industries, will render some people jobless. In 2019, this topic remains very much a concern among our Global Human Capital Trends survey respondents. Almost two-thirds of this year’s respondents (64 percent) cited AI and robotics as an important or very important issue in human capital. The market for technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA)—software to automate manual tasks—is growing at 20 percent per year and is likely to reach US$5 billion by 2024. [1]

20 mai 2019

Deloitte has launched its seventh annual report “Global Human Capital trends 2019: Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus”.


Last year’s report identified the rise of the social enterprise, with business increasingly expected to play a pivotal, stewardship role in society and communities as well as with workers. This year, intensifying economic, social, and political disruption are forcing organizations to move beyond mission statements and social impact programs to putting humans at the center of their business strategies and learning to lead the social enterprise. To bring meaning back into the workplace and a human identity back to the worker, it is clear that traditional human capital programs and processes must be fundamentally reinvented.

The 2019 report draws on insights from nearly 10,000 global survey respondents and includes actionable strategies and stories from companies that are at the forefront of reinvention. Our trends are divided into 3 series: Future of the workforce, Future of the organization, Future of HR.

13 mai 2019

The latest Korn Ferry study analyses the leadership profiles of 150,000 leaders and reveals the profile of the future-focused ‘self-disruptive leader’.

07 mai 2019

La Mobility Summit fera son retour au Grand-Duché le 28 juin prochain, à Luxepo The Box, en présence de nombreux experts locaux et internationaux. Au cœur de cette nouvelle édition ? Mobilité urbaine, mobilité verte, mutli-modalité, startups et innovations, et bien plus encore.

30 avril 2019

Après 3 ans à la tête de la FEDIL, Nicolas Buck se concentrera désormais à son nouveau rôle de président de l’UEL. Michèle Detaille lui succède lors de l’assemblée générale en ce jour.

29 avril 2019

Making a little beer money by participating in a clinical trial is a part-time job for a large portion of college kids around the world; a Google search for “clinical trials for college students” returns 262 million results.Now, under Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), those kids can request that the data from their side hustle as a human guinea pig be deleted.

29 avril 2019

Dans son rapport « 2019 Global Human Capital Trends » , « Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus », Deloitte examine comment les organisations peuvent se réinventer à grande échelle, notamment en interagissant, en motivant et en s’adaptant afin d’aider les employés à reconstruire de l’identité et du sens.

26 avril 2019

Dans l'infographie ci-dessous, publiée par le Parlement européen, découvrez comment les nouvelles règles européennes renforceront les droits et les conditions de travail des travailleurs les plus vulnérables.

16 avril 2019

Lors de la réunion du Conseil d’Administration du 9 avril 2019, présidée par Sophie Bellon, le Conseil a arrêté les comptes consolidés du premier semestre de l’exercice 2018-2019, clos le 28 février 2019.

12 avril 2019

By Cristina Jardón, Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing Consultant, Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher.

Organizations live today immersed in a VUCA environment: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The level of information and degree of change that we encounter daily at work is not going to diminish. Working more, faster and harder isn’t sustainable. It means something has to change on a personal level. We can face challenges reactively, or we can face them in a balanced way using our executive functions on the brain.

This new VUCA environment requires new skills to be trained for success. It´s time for Emotional Intelligence development at work.

11 avril 2019