Disengaged or low-engaged employees are those who have somehow lost interest in their job and their company. Therefore, they lack enthusiasm. Disengaged employees can underperform. Eventually, they check out mentally. Or they leave the company. Let's be honest: the cost of turnover is high. So, low employee engagement is problematic. You should recognize the signs of low engagement and tackle it head-on if you want people to stay (longer) with your company.

10 juin 2021

On July 1st, at Etablissement Namur, inspiring HR leaders from Luxembourg will share their experiences and best practices on the topic “The ultimate hybrid environment to foster employee experience”. Participants will be able to attend on-site but also remotely.

08 juin 2021

What is gamification? Gamification adds game elements to non-game activities. The idea behind it is to make tasks more fun, so people are more likely to perform them. It leverages people's natural tendencies for competition, achievement, collaboration, and charity.

26 mai 2021

A shocking 96% of workers have experienced Imposter Syndrome within the workplace, according to new data from Roar! Training. The study – which polled 202 workers in UK to provide insights into confidence levels within the workplace – revealed that just four per cent of workers felt confident in their working lives.

26 mai 2021

Seventy-seven percent of respondents say their workload increased since the COVID-19 crisis broke. Over half of women surveyed have experienced harassment or non-inclusive behavior at work in the past year. A majority of respondents are planning to leave their current employer within two years; nearly a quarter may leave the workforce for good. A small group of employers, “gender equality leaders,” have successfully supported women throughout the pandemic and built more inclusive cultures.

26 mai 2021

Initially scheduled for June 10, 2021, the next HR One Breakfast will finally take place in a phygital format on July 1, 2021, from 9am, and will focus on how the ultimate hybrid environment could foster innovative and engaging employee experience, in order to attract and retain talent, as well as motivate them.

25 mai 2021

Comment valoriser l’image de sa société afin d’attirer les meilleurs talents ? Les sociétés, recruteurs et DRH en tête, se doivent aujourd’hui de développer leur marque employeur, dans un monde de plus en plus digital – voire virtuel –, ou les équipes faisant la part belle à la diversité sortent leur épingle du jeu. Retour sur 5 campagnes impactantes, mêlant techniques marketing, culture et engagement.

05 mai 2021

The best employees have always had a vested interest in building their skills but precious little time to train. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and a new way of working gave many employees pause – and the chance to think long and hard about their careers. So, Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones S.A., commonly known as Entel, responded to a disrupted workforce and provided these employees with the digital tools to reskill and upskill.

05 mai 2021

Par Véronique Montamat, Directrice Marketing & Communication, Sopra HR Software

L’année 2020 a été marquée par une crise sanitaire sans précédent et nous n’avons pas fini d’en subir les conséquences. Le confinement et le télétravail imposés ont fortement impacté l’organisation du travail. De nouvelles procédures pour encadrer le travail à distance ont été mises en place en urgence. Cette expérience du télétravail généralisé de façon improvisée a néanmoins montré que la plupart des entreprises avaient pu mettre en place rapidement des plans de continuité d’activité et que leur productivité avait pu se maintenir. Encore plus surprenant, les entreprises se sont rendues compte que, finalement, 62% des métiers étaient ‘télétravaillables’ et elles revoient aujourd’hui leur business models et leur positionnement sur le marché.

28 avril 2021

Extract from “How to successfully complete your DBA” by Pr Michel KALIKA – Editions EMS

27 avril 2021