Released on October 14th, KPMG Luxembourg ‘Inside customers’ minds to deliver valuable experiences' sheds light on customer experience expectations in what we now call the “new normal”. The research shows how many customers have since reverted to their initial pre-Covid high expectations and regardless of the persisting difficulties, they now expect brands to perform at their peak, if not even higher.

14 octobre 2021

If you are feeling anxious, stressed and burned out at work, you are not alone. In a new Korn Ferry survey, 89% of professionals say they are suffering from burnout, with more than a third (38%) saying they are burned out to a great extent.

06 octobre 2021

Nearly 50% of employees hired over the last 12 months had two additional job offers.

05 octobre 2021

L’empathie a toujours été une compétence essentielle pour les dirigeants, mais elle prend une nouvelle dimension et devient prioritaire. Loin d’être une approche douce, elle peut générer des résultats commerciaux significatifs.

29 septembre 2021

As the global pandemic shifts the paradigm on professionals’ thoughts regarding quitting their jobs, a Korn Ferry survey published in August sheds light on why they may feel the need to hand in that pink slip.

01 septembre 2021

Organizations are using a mix of tactics to encourage vaccination. A Gartner, Inc. poll of 238 executive leaders on August 24, 2021 revealed that 66% of organizations are delaying reopening their offices due to new Covid-19 variants.

01 septembre 2021

Global survey by INTO shows young people remain upbeat despite the pandemic as they explore new options, and international education tops their list of priorities.

31 août 2021

Une nouvelle étude publiée le 24 août par Ricoh Europe révèle que seulement 35% des employeurs font pleinement confiance à leur personnel lorsqu'ils travaillent à distance, 39% suggérant que leurs employés ne travaillent pas autant ou aussi efficacement qu'au bureau.

26 août 2021

Organizations must adopt radical flexibility strategies to attract and retain high performing employees.

26 août 2021

Amid the coronavirus resurgence, a new Korn Ferry survey of professionals shows growing uncertainty regarding when – and if – there will be a return to the office.

24 août 2021